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Of Dewdrops & Dilemma

When do i cry?
When do i show
That i am weak,
Fragile and need to let go?
Not when in solitude
Gazing at stars afar
Not at times when
Simple events seems bizzare
I let tears flow
I let them have their way
Happiest when i am
And struck with dismay
Surrounded with happiness
Is when my resolve weakens
With fun, frolic and laughter
My tears dissolve,present & unspoken
Struck by the thought
That this too shall pass
Astounded by the impermanence
That begets all
They flow down and yonder
Carve a path of their own
Somewhere they must meet
Salvage their existence so forlorn
Happy tears and some sad
Some speak of dreams unfulfilled
That i was so foolish
To have had
And yet they help to allay my fears
And yet they gift me with tranquillity
Tears that I cry, a part of me you are
A willful coincidence: a lucky serendipity

The Sky Is Everywhere... Indeed

I was on a dry spell...of reading.No matter what book I picked,I couldn't go past the first few chapters.Impatient and restless,I longed to find a book that would transport me back to that oh-so-fantastic world of fiction.

I visited a book fair in my hometown yesterday and for the first time felt a lack of enthusiasm given the fact that around 30 unread new/old unread novels are lying around desolate in my room already.But then a bibliophile can never resist a deal that goes buy 3 books for 200!

I just finished reading The Sky Is Everywhere right now.And I can't wait to go back to it again.Lennie with her passionate emulation of Cathy of Wuthering Heights,Joe with his dorkiness and the ever present wild & fiery Bailey have taken over my heart.

This is a book with romance and love scenes and cheesy poetry thrown in.But also one that makes your heart beat aloud...or drown in inexplicable misery.You'd want to smile,be happy for Lennie,feel her guilt in your very bones an…