Of Dewdrops & Dilemma

When do i cry?
When do i show
That i am weak,
Fragile and need to let go?

Not when in solitude
Gazing at stars afar
Not at times when
Simple events seems bizzare

I let tears flow
I let them have their way
Happiest when i am
And struck with dismay

Surrounded with happiness
Is when my resolve weakens
With fun, frolic and laughter
My tears dissolve,present & unspoken

Struck by the thought
That this too shall pass
Astounded by the impermanence
That begets all

They flow down and yonder
Carve a path of their own
Somewhere they must meet
Salvage their existence so forlorn

Happy tears and some sad
Some speak of dreams unfulfilled
That i was so foolish
To have had

And yet they help to allay my fears
And yet they gift me with tranquillity
Tears that I cry, a part of me you are
A willful coincidence: a lucky serendipity


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