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Getting A Schengen Visa When Travelling Solo

The last couple of months had been excruciating for me. The virtue of patience has been ever elusive in my case & this time the wait was even more painful. In order not to let anyone go through the same torture, I have decided to share a few pointers into getting a tourist visa in you're planning a trip to Europe.
My case was-boyfriend on site at Helsinki invites me to come spend my birthday with him there. The catch being, he cannot really send me an invitation letter due to company restrictions.

After spending a good amount of time on the internet I finally applied for the Schengen tourist visa on 4th of April, for travel dates on 16th of May. Guess when my visa arrived? 14th May!!!

Hence the first rule apply well ahead in time, especially during summer. Summer sees a lot of tourist visa applications along with a ton of student immigration cases which makes the processing time at the Embassy longer than usual. Although in situations where you have an invitation letter of so…