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Don't Call Me Cute

The Situation:
Facial & body hair look good, only on models of primitive men found in museums. However Indians always tend to differ. A man’s moustache is regarded as a proof of his manliness, lack of facial hair is a shameful attribute & all growing teenagers would agree. While the likes of Anil Kapoor are a rare extremity, having a stubble or the slight hint of a moustache is what men prefer & assume women like. Well not always!
The Problem:
Scene 1: He draws in close with that warm look in his eyes that’d melt any heart. It sure melted hers. A second later: She: eww.. *spitting out* He: what’s wrong?? She: nothing…lets continue. You kiss me while I munch on your moustache.
Scene 2: A lonely path in the park & he pulls her right up to him. She: oww… He: now what?! I did trim it you know? She: yes & now it feels like am kissing a porcupine!
There are other scenarios too where the moustache and the beard pair to act as a mood killer, but I refrain from sharing them …

The Edge of the Machete : Reviewed

Let me tell you what this book is not. It’s not a book meant for the faint hearted. I myself felt my intestines twist & turn reading a select few paragraphs. With due credit to the author, the scenes are so credibly & vividly described that the written words can successfully shake your whole being.  The Edge of the Machete is no James Bond inspired novel. Abhisar Sharma does not even try to sugar coat the words, it’s the bare truth laid out naked for the reader.
The Edge of the Machete is a fast paced novel set in the backdrop of the current terror attacks. We begin with the video of a CIA agent’s brutal murder being filmed. Jason Wilson’s last few moments & his cold blooded murder at the hands of the 21 years old Aamir Sherzai gives the readers a glimpse of the madness of these jihadi groups. The video reaches Jason’s best friend Ed Gomez who now seeks revenge. This desire to avenge his best friend’s death gives birth to a risky & yet brilliant plan. And Sarfaraz Kh…

8 Point Someone:What Not to do After You Get Placed

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 34; the thirty-fourth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for the month is "Of-Course, I'm insane"

“You’re crazy, did you know that? Have you realized what nonsense you've been spouting?”
“No nonsense. I’ve made up my mind & I shall do as I wish!”
“Well, suit yourself. You've finally lost your marbles.”
“Look this is the last exam of my life. And it doesn't even matter what grades I get, I already have a job! If trying to make my last exam memorable, different & quirky is called insanity then of course I’m insane!”
”So you’re sure you’re going in without revising? You the nerd, the topper will join us as we watch the Life of Pi, night show?”
“You bet I will…”
8 AM
“Where’s she? Is she outs…