8 Point Someone:What Not to do After You Get Placed

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“You’re crazy, did you know that? Have you realized what nonsense you've been spouting?”

No nonsense. I’ve made up my mind & I shall do as I wish!

“Well, suit yourself. You've finally lost your marbles.”

Look this is the last exam of my life. And it doesn't even matter what grades I get, I already have a job! If trying to make my last exam memorable, different & quirky is called insanity then of course I’m insane!

”So you’re sure you’re going in without revising? You the nerd, the topper will join us as we watch the Life of Pi, night show?”

You bet I will…


8 AM

“Where’s she? Is she outside?”

“Nope. Stop worrying, maybe she’s planning a dramatic entrance or something to mark her last exam paper!”

“That girl’s obsessed I tell you…anyway good luck!”


11:30 AM

“Dude…wake up…what the hell are you doing in the library? Give it a rest Ms.Nerd, already back in the library? ”

Huh wha..what? What’s the time…


Sh*t! The exam’s already over?!!!

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P.S: I wish I'd actually slept through my exam instead of scribbling self-founded theories & explaining them in detail on my answer sheet.


hahaha...this one made me smile!!

i was actually those nail biting geeky student..who could never sleep before , after or during the exam!!!!

(btw, if i am not offending u, could u do away with the captcha code...i have already tried proving that i am not a robot, but it doesnt seem convinced!! :) )
Harikrishna said…
hahaa.. this one is funny.. Not all the nerds are alike.. Take me for an instance (:P) Good thought...
Leo said…
LOL! What a way to end the course (or not) :D got a smile on my face. Thanks, Rinaya.
Rinaya said…
Hi Little Princess, I sincerely apologise for the captcha,but if I don't add that i get regular spam comments :( Capthcas should be made smarter..
@Harikrishna: May not be but then again, nerds will be nerds ;) :P
@Leo: Hope u keep smiling always :)
maliny said…
LOL That made me smile :) Good one ! and all the best for BAT :)
Chetan said…
gud....keep smiling:)
hahahaha.....very different take on prompt. I liked it a lot!
Hahaha :-D My friend once actually did this and missed his exam due to a mistaken dose of sleeping pill for a Aspirin.

Nice humour :) All the best for BAT!
Ash Sharma said…
Loved the humor but felt sorry for that guy. Nice take on the phase. :-)
Panchali said…
LOL...GOOD ONE! Smiles....
ATB for BAT...
Neeta said…
Ha Ha Ha... :D
very nice very nice!
rohit Iyer said…
hahaha good one. Well penned :)-- Me no iRobo :(
aativas said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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