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F?@K Knows....Reviewed

I remember raising my eyebrows at the title when I had first seen this book at the Delhi book fair.  So when it was up for review at BlogAdda I instantly applied. And am still unsure if I’m happy I did. This book may come under the category of both self-help books & may be also an autobiography. After all Shailendra Singh shares a lot from his own personal experiences in this book. If you are looking for a Shiv Khera style rendition on self improvement then you may not like this one.  If what you want is someone causally preaching from his life’s experiences in a light-hearted friendly way then F?@K Knows is for you.

This book claims to help you find yourself, start believing & trusting your heart, thereby achieving your goals & live life “like you give a f?@k”. May be because I read this book with the intention of reviewing it, I did not exactly feel this would help me achieve any of the above claims. Yes Shailendra Singh is right, he does make sense but then some of th…