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Desi Bon Apetit

Fact is stranger than fiction, and I honestly believe if someone were to make a T.V series based on my life it'd be one weird, unintentionally hilarious sitcom. Sample this- a simple dinner date with a friend at a popular restaurant in Gurgaon's Cyber Hub area...
Friend, with a serious look totally not suitable to encourage further questions-"You will have to place the order"
Me,totally ignoring aforementioned look-"Why??"
"You just have to!!" 
"Because...the waiters here speak English and you know how I am before you"
Said friend seemed to suffer from a strange affliction that rendered his brain-tongue synchronization useless when speaking in English in front of me.
Please don't ask me to elaborate.
I took the menu. The waiter came bustling to our table.
"So..we'll have this butterfly chicken...on it's own and...which one did you say you wanted dear...?" I slyly smiled at my friend.
"The.. Err...grilled t…

Reviewed: The Bestseller She Wrote

Love. Redemption. Betrayal.. Soon to be a motion picture-reads the cover page of Ravi Subramanian's latest work. And having gone through the 390 pages, the book can be best described as a movie that stretches far too long. And it's not even that interesting,

This was my second Subramanian title. After reading the first one my expectations of the author had reached a high which unfortunately has come crashing down after this book. The genre of middle-aged romance (or rather adultery) is much explored & R.Subramanian doesn't have anything new to add to it.

Aditya Kapoor is every man's dream come true, with a plush job, pretty wife & kid and his share of the limelight as India's most successful author. He is popular, he is loved & adored by fans and family alike and there's nothing more that a man can wish for. All that comes toppling down when he is on a visit to his Alma Mater IIM-B. A student Shreya Kaushik stands up to his commercialization of writ…