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Baramulla Bomber Reviewed

Blurb Of The Book:
An Ancient Weapon from the Vedas & Bible
Once Hunted by the Nazis
Powered by the Sound of the Universe Reborn with the Help of Quantum Physics
Going to be Unleashed onto the World
And Kashmir Holds its Secret

Sounds quite intriguing doesn't it? When I first came across the book via BlogAdda's book review program, I was very much curious as to how can a plot be carved around such a diverse range? For Baramulla Bomber claimed to have one  "that revolves around Kashmir, Pakistan, China, cricket, ancient secret societies, and espionage". Well, the end result is bit of hopscotch.
Frankly speaking, the initial 20-30 pages gave me a headache. I hate chapters that start off in the middle of nowhere & then the next one too begins wham! in the midst of something else. Nevertheless having gone through that, I was glad the author picked up pace & did turn this into the racy thriller that it claimed to be.
Baramulla Bomber has a political backdrop with…

The Cosmic Clues Reviewed

When I first heard of this book, I had no idea what to expect. The Cosmic Clues by Manjiri Prabhu is indeed a one of a kind genre of novels. As the cover page claims, it is the first Indian book about an “astro-detective”. Being one of those who don’t believe in Fate, Destiny & the stars, I admit being perplexed with the idea of an investigator who works with astrology. The combination was indeed worth a shot & though I still didn't ‘get it’, it can be safely regarded as a good one-time read.

Sonia Samarth is an intelligent lady with a Masters in criminal psychology. Perfect qualifications to start off a career in solving crime one would say. The only catch? She is also a student of Vedic astrology & insists on putting it into practical use when solving crimes. No wonder her agency Stellar Investigations receives a lot of requests to read horoscopes rather than mysteries & calls for help.
Everything changes when a cat decides to enter their office & stay put. Her…

Your Wish Is My Command

He was agitated beyond words. It was common for young IT professionals to start feeling this way. Work pressure, the long hours had all taken their toll it seems. He had fallen prey to this habit long back. But what he hadn't expected was a girl like her succumbing to this as well. Nevertheless now that she had expressed her desire, it was his duty as a good boyfriend to fulfill it.

"Here you go...I didn't know what brand you like, so got a light one", he handed her the packet of cigarettes. "What the..what's this???", she looked aghast at him. "Well, you did say you wanted to share a cigarette with me..." he stammered confused.

She had said secret. He mistook it to be cigarette!

The rest as they say is history...

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. The theme : She said ____. He mistook it to be ____.


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

“5...4…3...2…1” she muttered under her breath. She had been counting down from 10, like she had been taught to do in situations where her temper-a notorious one at that, was in danger of forcing itself free from her control. Her eyes were red, almost moist as if holding back angry tears. But cry she won’t. Not here, not before everyone. Not before HER at least.
He was holding it out to HER. How could he?! He had promised it to her & now right before her eyes, something that rightfully belonged to her was being gifted most lovingly to this evil witch! Yes, she was pure evil. Behind those pretty dark eyes & sleek straight hair, lay a cruel cunning witch. How else can one explain him being so besotted by her? Why else would he be always praising her, forever following her, agreeing to each of her whims & fancies? What initially was her right, SHE had taken it all away in the blink of a…

Rants & Ramblings

A fair warning to all & sundry. This is going to be a boring post because it is a midnight post wherein I am at my emotional best (without the aid of any –organic compound). I have lost a lot of my zeal for stuff that would normally excite me to death! I am not even suffering from writer’s block. I get awesome ideas…start penning them & then suddenly lose interest. I find myself meticulously removing nail paint off nails that’d have scared the wits out of my alma mater, St. Joseph’s Head Girl & reapplying some stupid vibrant eye-paining shade again!

I keep updating my WhatsApp profile with selfies during hours of sheer boredom! I opened my laptop after ages (a week to be exact) & that too, the battery had been discharged and I can’t remember how. The only stuff I do now is cook. And that too happens to be something I have to do rather than like doing. I can now successfully tell apart the different kinds of pulses & know better than to confuse coriander powder w…

Wise Enough To Be Foolish Reviewed

Wise Enough To Be Foolish is a fictionalized account of the author Gauri Jayaram's life. Born into a fauji  family with a typical Punjabi background, it's the story of a girl who constantly strives to be different. It's a story that offers nothing new. What's different is the matter-of-fact way of narration. The excellent clarity of thought portrayed by the protagonist, the way the characters have been shaped, the amazing narration that compels you to put yourself in the shoes of Gauri & think...all go into making this book a page-turner.

In India parents are given a place well above that given to God Himself. Gauri Jayaram has challenged that notion in her book quite vehemently & I find myself agreeing with her. Parents are but human, and while some seek solace in their guidance & find happiness in obeying their every wish no matter how illogical it seems, people like Gauri (and I) beg to differ. 

Gauri Jayaram has touched the nerve by writing on the ever…

Love At First Sight??

He was staring right into her eyes.

Their faces inches apart. In the cold winter night, the silence was broken only by their hearts beating together. She could smell his after shave, that musky odour.
She wanted to blink, but couldn’t.

He was holding up her eyelid, focusing that darn torch right into her eyes!

One Phone Call

"Hello....?" she bellowed into the phone again. People around her cringed at her loud voice. "Hello, I can't hear you...there is so much static on the line..." he was getting impatient. Why did his village still not have cell phone connectivity?!The darn landline kept getting disconnected.

He called again at the PCO. "Ma, I'm coming to take you next week...." it got disconnected before he could finish. But those words of euphony in the cacophony of long distance call, were enough to bring a toothless grin on her face. 

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In this week, use one sentence which has a pair of opposite words.

3 Books That Changed Me

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAddaCan books and stories about characters and events that are not real teach us anything useful?
Are you kidding me????
Stories and novels are our best teachers! Whether you read them yourself or let your grandma read them aloud to you at bedtime, these little fragments of people’s imagination are full of lessons & wisdom. (Of course I mean kids’ stories, not 50 shades of Grey! Which when you come to think of it, is also helpful in a way) I’ve not been much of a fan of fairy tales myself. I prefer fiction based on reality as compared to fantasy. Even sci-fi is something I rarely read. Yes I like The Hunger Games, Harry Potter & even Twilight series(hear me out!) but that’s because the authors make it so damn realistic-that’s the whole beauty of it! As for lessons from novels, here’s my personal list of novels that have inspired me at some time or the other:
1.A Gathering Light also known as A N…

Jab V Met

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

 The above quote just about surmises my friendship with this madcap sardar-Anish. How we met is going to be a good story..
It was the golden age when all school kids didn't own cell phones. I got my first one when I joined +2(11th Std). What I did with my phone is the very reason I'd never allow kids to own one until 18. Yep, I logged into & set my id as rin92385XXXXX. Trust me that was a HUGE mistake! (I keep wondering if I have more of male hormones....I keep acting like a guy would, also that'd explain the moustache!)
I kept my phone off for a few days owing to the very friendly calls. But there was this one guy who'd send me good morning & good night messages every single day. Not a single vulgar message, damn decent & also of my age. I bearing the wisdom of a 16 year old finally replied to his SMS. And then we became friends :)

We were inseparab…

Once Upon The Tracks of Mumbai: a Review

After Chetan Bhagat got famous, there were a lot of IIT-related books. Books on teenage crush, amorous biographies & fictions with really bizarre titles flooded the market. Very few actually made sense & could be termed ‘literature’. Thankfully Indian authors are now breaking free from the Bollywood style writing & attempting their pens at new genres. For example Tantra by Adi (read review here).

Once Upon The Tracks of Mumbai falls under this category. Yes there is a love story complete with a hero, a heroine & villain yet Rishi Vohra’s choice of protagonist is what makes it different. This is the story of Babloo, eldest son of a respected clerk at the railways, a shy young man who doesn’t speak much & likes to mind his own business. Very average kind of guy with a small problem- he is autistic, can’t stay attentive for long, may be schizophrenic & probably psychotic. No he is not ‘mad’. He is just unable to express himself as easily as we do. He likes to keep…


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 39; the thirty-ninth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for the month is "Break" "What is this life if full of care
we have no time to stand and stare.." So said William H.Davies. This has always been one of my favourite poems (Mr. Nobody being the one the top). And here's why...

I have always found a routine life to be the most boring thing to happen to anyone! Since school days even before I'd come across this poem,I resented waking up every morning at 6 am & getting aboard the rickshaw to school. I longed for vacations of which unfortunately we had only a few. Come college & still there was the routine of classes,coaching & what-nots. And now when I have a job, the less said about routine life,the better!

Remember in school, we used to have  three breaks, one aft…

Salvation of a Saint Reviewed

Salvation of a Saint is an intriguing title until you reach almost the very end of the novel. As usual Keigo Higashino has churned out an excellent story weaving human emotions, the perfect crime & justice being served at the end. The enigma in his novels is never the who dunnit question. It is always the how that leaves you almost frustrated.
Ayane Mita is a noted traditional patchwork designer & wife of the successful businessman Yoshitaka Mashiba. Theirs is the perfect marriage, with Ayane fulfilling the duties of a devoted wife & Yoshitaka a noble husband. That’s what it seems on the surface. The very first chapter tells you who the killer is & why they are forced to take such a step. But will they be ever caught?
Ayane is by all terms a gracious lady. The prefect looks, the creativity in her designs & her love for her husband, make her a woman any man would be happy to keep. But not Yoshitaka. For Yoshitaka, children are what complete a family & a marria…

Reviewed : Tantra by Adi

I had been reading some serious books (The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes) & was looking for something light after that.And so when Tantra was put up for review, I opted for it. A female vampire hunter in Delhi-sure I was in! And the book did surprise me. While I won't say that this would win a Booker or something, but it is definitely packed with enough masala to make into a movie or a TV series perhaps?
To begin with the story line about vampires brings to guessed it-Twilight! You need to get past this if you want to enjoy the book.It isn't much about vampires than about ancient Hindu mythology. Looks like Mr.Adi has done his research well. Now lets talk about the female protagonist.
Anu Aggarwal at first sight would seem the normal NRI material. Her accent, love for leather pants & kick-ass attitude doesn't betray who she is-a guardian. Her job? Roam the streets in the moonlight hunting down vampires.Sounds cool huh?But it's not always what it l…

Office Office

It’s been way too long hasn’t it? You wouldn’t know. You didn’t even bother to visit. Anyway, am back after a long break with something fresh- office life! Yes I’m an intern at ABC & sadly unlike how they show in movies, getting mugs of coffee & sandwiches isn’t what internship is about. It involves a trailer of how your “employee” life will be albeit minus the salary. No one wears skirts or capris (not yet though, it’s still cool in here) & no one hits on trainees (pathetic). The only person who has shown some un-professional interest in our batch of giggling girls is the ground floor pantry-manager-staff-keeper whatever. The initial month was spent in confusion. To sir or not to sir. Our mentors hate it when we refer to them as sir/ma’am. They say it makes them feel old (*rolling eyes*). Second confusion was team ek trainees 7. So they first gave us loads & loads of stuff to study. Using a photocopying machine for the first time in our lives, we happily photocopied …

F?@K Knows....Reviewed

I remember raising my eyebrows at the title when I had first seen this book at the Delhi book fair.  So when it was up for review at BlogAdda I instantly applied. And am still unsure if I’m happy I did. This book may come under the category of both self-help books & may be also an autobiography. After all Shailendra Singh shares a lot from his own personal experiences in this book. If you are looking for a Shiv Khera style rendition on self improvement then you may not like this one.  If what you want is someone causally preaching from his life’s experiences in a light-hearted friendly way then F?@K Knows is for you.

This book claims to help you find yourself, start believing & trusting your heart, thereby achieving your goals & live life “like you give a f?@k”. May be because I read this book with the intention of reviewing it, I did not exactly feel this would help me achieve any of the above claims. Yes Shailendra Singh is right, he does make sense but then some of th…

A Midnight Treasure Hunt

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. The theme for the month is "and then there were none"

It was a classic full moon night. Not the kind that gives vain hope to romantic fools who sigh wistfully out of their windows, but the kind that makes you sink deep into your blanket & recollect unwillingly, all the horror stories you’ve heard or seen. A mist appeared & partly covered the moon, making the night hazy. I removed my specs to clean them only to realize it was another January fog that had descended tonight. My ears almost perked up, hoping to hear a wolf or at least, given the urban area I was living in, a dog howl. A sharp honk of a bike brought me back to my senses. Why was I out on the terrace of my PG post midnight?

It was eerie, moving around, …

Why a Perfect Human is Extinct: A Nonsensical Explanation

This story should begin with “Once upon a time” but then it’s about a time when there was no means of measuring time. And the Gods had just grown bored of roaming around Earth. They had thus decided to create mankind & have some fun watching them play from above. This is about a time when there existed only 2 kinds of people. One was called the Perfects & the other Imperfects.
Now these Perfects were people who never lied, they never desired for anything that belonged to other Perfects or Imperfects. They had the most beautiful bodies & faces that you could imagine. Their voices & their manner were likable  In short, they were Perfect. And the Imperfects, were not as you guessed, just the opposite. They were just people who were not Perfect. Some were pretty but had bad manners. Some were good hearted but couldn't help lying. Some were selfish, some ugly & so on.
And then again, the Perfects & the Imperfects co-existed happily. Each was happy with the land …

A Hope

The alarm woke her up at 7am as usual. A bit confused she opened her eyes. It would still be a few months before she would get used to it. She put her bare feet on the ground & immediately withdrew, the morning chill kissing her feet & sending shivers down her spine. Hastily she looked for her slippers, and still shivering walked off to the bathroom.
Waking up, going to the bathroom & looking at the mirror, staring at herself, wishing, hoping,  this would feel better…one day, she said to herself…everyday.

Note: I moved in to Gurgaon because of internship & well this is how I imagine it’d be like. Sincerely hoping against it! Wish me luck readers!
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Winter Evenings -A Review

Winter evenings, much like the title goes is a collection of slow paced short stories. Although I’d to finish the book in a week to come up with this review, I’d recommend it be read over a span of time to totally enjoy it. The short stories aren’t all filled with thrills & twist and turn, as is the genre these days. These are rather anecdotes and sometimes you’d feel as if you are reading someone’s diary. Navtej Sarna has brought together in this book, a collection of people’s memories that one can read and enjoy on lazy winter evenings.

There are 19 short stories in all of which I’d like to talk about a few that I enjoyed. The first story from which the book get’s its title, is about an evening that saw two men, forced to spend time together. Its an ordinary story, something many of us have felt at some point in life-the need to be with someone than being alone often drives us to compromise in life. And even if we do break the routine, we get drawn back to it again.
My favourite w…

A Short Mail Story

First things first-Happy New Year to all my readers! This is the first post of 2013 & I like the fact that it's for Blogadda's WOW(Write Over The Weekend)

‘You go home and check your Emails. You read the second mail and freeze…’. There it is again! You keep staring at the screen; the day's frustration making its presence felt. Not everything can be made sense of. Not every question has an answer. 
And mind cries out Why the hell do I get mails saying "Get V**gra at an amazing discount!" ???