A Hope

The alarm woke her up at 7am as usual. A bit confused she opened her eyes. It would still be a few months before she would get used to it. She put her bare feet on the ground & immediately withdrew, the morning chill kissing her feet & sending shivers down her spine. Hastily she looked for her slippers, and still shivering walked off to the bathroom.

Waking up, going to the bathroom & looking at the mirror, staring at herself, wishing, hoping,  this would feel better…one day, she said to herself…everyday.

Note: I moved in to Gurgaon because of internship & well this is how I imagine it’d be like. Sincerely hoping against it! Wish me luck readers!

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Panchali said…
oh, delhi is cold!!! all the best, rinaya!hope you have a great time in delhi...
medha kapoor said…
Oh the initial days are horrible! Especially for people who like their sleep. But you'll get used to it soon enough!

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