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My 2011: The Year That Was

The last few hours of 2011 remain & I don’t have anything better to do. So I decided its time I wrote down something sensible as the last post of 2011. Plus I owed it to my blog-I’d managed to forget it’s birthday again(24th Dec).
The year that was…2011”- It sounds like an essay given as winter holidays homework to me; anyway my 2011 was fun. I remember starting it with white rum & a crappy movie(some Akshay Kumar movie whose name I now don’t care to remember). The white rum met its fate down the flush as did the movie. It was a bleak start but things turned out better thereafter. I have made a list of hallmarks here & am too lazy to categorize them as achievements/failures. Here goes: ·Getting into the finals of a state-level IT quiz & not winning it.·Managing to pass 1st year of MCA without back paper but no 9 point grade & hence no parental satisfaction.·Getting cast as the lead actress in college play but getting cold feet & opting to play the role of namel…