My 2011: The Year That Was

The last few hours of 2011 remain & I don’t have anything better to do. So I decided its time I wrote down something sensible as the last post of 2011. Plus I owed it to my blog-I’d managed to forget it’s birthday again(24th Dec).

The year that was…2011”- It sounds like an essay given as winter holidays homework to me; anyway my 2011 was fun. I remember starting it with white rum & a crappy movie(some Akshay Kumar movie whose name I now don’t care to remember). The white rum met its fate down the flush as did the movie. It was a bleak start but things turned out better thereafter. I have made a list of hallmarks here & am too lazy to categorize them as achievements/failures. Here goes:
  • ·         Getting into the finals of a state-level IT quiz & not winning it.
  • ·         Managing to pass 1st year of MCA without back paper but no 9 point grade & hence no parental satisfaction.
  • ·         Getting cast as the lead actress in college play but getting cold feet & opting to play the role of nameless BFF.
  • ·         Cleared my 3rd year with my whacko BF with minimum no. of mishaps.
  • ·         Reunited with long lost so-called BFF after 10yrs but he still refuses to travel a few miles to meet me.
  • ·         Started my own content writing team whose members keep disappearing.
  • ·         Started an online magazine whose writers keep disappearing.
  • ·         Watched Dravid retire from ODIs.
  • ·         Watched Sachin not make his 100 on countless occasions.
  • ·         Watched how India went crazy about Kolaveri Di.
  • ·         Vacation attempts: 3 Vacation failures: 3
  • ·         Traveled alone on a bus & nearly escaped being drugged.
  • ·         Had a lizard fall on my head.
  • ·         Won an HTC Wildfire S in an Indiblogger contest.

That’s my year that was. A lot of famous people died-Dennis Ritchie (yes, for me he comes before Jobs), Steve Jobs (the one real daddy of Siri), Kim Jong Il (don’t know much about him except that he was a really weird dictator of North Korea) & some very ordinary yet sad deaths like that of my 2 month old kitten happened. Hollywood made some great movies like MI4 & SRK continued to belittle our minds with Ra.One & Don2. The Jan Lokpal kept hogging the limelight & the morning newspaper with no conclusion whatsoever. Orkut finally died & made way for Google Plus, while Twitter & Facebook continued the game of ‘who-can-copy-the-more-features-of-the-other’.

Now as the leap year 2012 arrives I sincerely wish to see less no. of people dying & Doomsday never happening. I wish Anna Hazare would stop fasting & MPs start behaving as…well MPs. I wish petrol prices not act as sine waves & recession should recede into oblivion. I wish a lot of good things happen in 2012 & lastly I wish that I stick to my blogs all through like the past 2 years & hope you people keep reading my Wandering Thoughts!

Wishing all my readers a very happy 2012!

P.S:  On the completion of 2 years of WT I extend my special thanks to fellow bloggers-Rohit, Suraj, Sadiya, Nethra, Sanks, Durgesh, Cloud 9Samadrita, Purba ma’am, Shail ma'am, Prateek, Tanay and my friends Anish, Sagar, Gautam, Biswa, Biplab for encouraging me & actually reading what I write and feeding my blog with their valuable comments!


Anonymous said…
wish u a great 2012
Nethra A said…
Thanks for the mention!

Now that I read about your hallmark moments, I am wondering what are mine.

Also, write about good things that happened to you during 2011.
Prateek said…
My 2011 was more of lows than of highs, yet I cheer it with no regrets. There were things which made my day and eventually the bundle of those moments made my year.
Thank you for the mention. Feels special.
And I saw what you did in the mentions; "Ladies first policy".
Rinaya said…
Thanks & same to u @FactsandNonsense (must say nice profile :P )
@Nethra: Well,all that happened was good in a way...experience-wise speaking.
@Prateek: Err no...I just randomly made the list...not all the names before yours are female :P
Anonymous said…
Das saal baad bhi contact to kiya na...... itni jaldi bhi kya hai milne ki......

jab hosakega millenge waise tere vacation plans cancel nahin hote to hum ab tak do baar milchuke hote......
Rinaya said…
lol Gautam...anonymously kaiko comment karte ho..??And anyway main at least vacation plan karke efforts deti hun..u don't even do that!
Unknown said…
My2011 was worst .. but no regrets .. hoping for balancing 2012!! love you all..

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