The Weirdest Day of My Life!

My life is full of disastrous days yes, days when I have woken up on the wrong side of bed & landed almost in front of a car 2 hours later or had the strap of a very vital clothing come off…I could go on but I’m digressing from the topic. Yesterday however was a weird day.. it was as if the universe couldn’t decide to screw with me or make me happy! And mind you this is during my exam-week, when any frivolous mischief of Fate would have me wind up insane.

So it was the ADA(analysis & design of algorithms) paper-(interestingly the word ada roughly implies ‘style’ in Hindi & ‘lazing around’ in my mother tongue Odia, what a misnomer I say). I was busy all morning cursing the guy who thought-“ooh just the algorithms aren’t fun enough lets actually measure how complex they are!” I landed at the empty exam hall 15min before time having given up doing the last-minute look-up in the corridors since Std.12th… I found those topics never appeared in the questions but rather messed up my already overflowing memory bank. I was lucky… my seat was right near the AC, so the effort I took in wearing the bulky black windcheater wasn’t in waste after all! Now I know its winter but try sitting in a classroom of 22yr old frantic people sweating & sometimes letting their nervousness escape via other openings.

I sat down…someone turned the AC on…then a thapak sound & a dead lizard on my head. It took me maybe 3 secs to jump off & scream at the poor invigilator in chaste Odia-“sir jhitipiti!” The poor fellow wasn’t sure why a perfectly sane looking girl was jumping in her seat all of a sudden. It took a while before a peon came & carried it away. This is what I call living your nightmare… I’m a girl who utilizes military style strategizing while entering the kitchen post midnight lest a lizard falls & I literally had to throw one off my head! It was the “eww”-est  moment of my life! But then I remembered something Mom’d said about a lizard falling on you being a good omen. Although I wasn’t sure it was still a good omen if the lizard was a dead one, I was considerably solaced. Hell, if this paper goes well I’d let a lizard fall on me for the next remaining papers as well! But no, it wasn’t meant to be so. The paper was everything we didn’t expect. Sir had cheated us!(*sob sob*) there were algos everywhere! I mean who remembers all the algorithms step-by-step? I bid goodbye to the dreams of scoring an 80%.

But then I told you it was a weird day, didn’t I? After the exam I found everyone was crowding near the staff-room to check their internal marks for ADA. And I had managed to get a very decent score of 34/40, which meant there was still hope! And I even found somehow I’d even managed to be amongst the highest scorers in the Database mid-sem paper! Thank you late Mr.Lizard!

But that’s not the end of it. I discovered I’d lost the gold ring that I’d bought with my own salary( and was always proudly showing off). Now I was sure there was no truth in that lizard rule, this crossed all the disasters I’ve ever had! I called up Mom to check at the house, looked all over the hall but nope! One last look through my bag revealed the ring stuck to the windcheater that I’d hurriedly removed while moving out of the hall. It’d slipped then & safely stayed inside the folds of the windcheater!
Nah..they don't make lizards this cute!

So in conclusion, good luck or not, I can’t handle such highs & lows of emotion in a single day. So I’m gonna devise an even stricter plan & come up with a fool-proof way to ensure no lizard lands on my head EVER again!


Prateek said…
Seems like a normal day if you ask me.
Rinaya said…
Your days are 'normal' like this..?? :O *looks at you wide-eyed*
Biplab said…
whats so weird ??
its simple daily life!! :P
Biswabrata said…
wel, if falling of lizard ensures to be a topper in dbms, then what's bad about it.....??I would had let it fall every-time at the day of my semester results...But at the same time after reading your blog I felt like falling of lizard comes with a good as well a bad news... Isn't it???
Rinaya said…
yeah exactly ! so am steering clear of them... :P
xyzandme said…
There was this research done on lizard's feet by a German guy, where he cracked the mystery behind the grip of its feet.
I attended that hour long conference.
I like lizards now. I used to too.

I dunno why I am saying all this.
Peace out.(Have never used this term before..)
Rinaya said…
@XYZ: i am assuming you have a lot of spare time :P
Madhusha said…
My take away from the post: You're an odiya and so am I :D :D
Rinaya said…
Finally...I found an Odiya blogger yayy!! :D
Diganta said…
It was a weird day considering your daily life in my point of view!!! :P
Well i must admit it is beautifully narrated n i love this style of writing dear sis!!!
nEh@ said…
nice way of writing...but i didnot found anything weird..srsly

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