Don’t Deny Them Children’s Day

Children’s Day…that special day when you were allowed to talk in the class, no “finger on your lips” kind of rules & no class monitor writing your name on the blackboard. When teachers for once had our whole attention & some even managed to make us laugh! No one bunked school on Children’s Day!

The last time I celebrated Children’s Day was like 5-6 years back. Teachers of St. Joseph’s Girls’ High School celebrated this day with as much enthusiasm as we kids did on Teacher’s Day. There were no classes in the first half with the teachers performing for us. Song & dance and in some cases mimicry were performed & I should say our teachers were a pretty talented lot! Chocolates were of course a must & no one scolded if you sat through the second half in class with one in your mouth. Every teacher, even the strictest ones who entered the class would tell us a story or make us play games.

As we reached the higher classes we started appreciating these respites from everyday classes a lot more. To not have to worry about world wars or organic chemistry even for a day was a pleasure we could enjoy guilt-free on this day. That day no one gave a damn to what percent you got on the last pre-board exam you gave, whether you are failing in Java or maths for that matter. Everyone had tickets to get on board the fun express!

And then bang! Came the +2 years. Children’s Day came & went and no lecturer gave two hoots to our depressed expressions in class (little difference from the regular blank expressions). We would fill the blackboard with “Happy Teacher’s Day” signs hoping that they would reciprocate by at least not having random surprises tests on Nov 14, but to no avail. Not even an éclairs or Chlormint for us! Makes me wonder, wasn’t that a very abrupt & rude end to our childhood? At 16 yes no one likes to be called a ‘child’ yet taking away this special day from us so suddenly-I’ve always found it very cruel. But then I noticed that no one cares anymore. Kids around me have already started forgetting they are kids. They see themselves as potential-IITians/medicos etc who must slog 18hours a day from Std8-9 already! Even though some schools still keep alive the Children’s Day tradition, many kids happily bunk the day to catch up with their coaching assignments. Imagine spending a day eating chocolates, chatting in class & doing nothing but being a kid!-they shudder.

And now as I look around & watch my friends get married & talk about having kids (my turn to shudder), I at least don’t feel overwhelmed. I am happy I had a chance to fully enjoy my childhood (a little too much my parents sigh :P). I am happy my parents didn’t send me off to kindergarten when I still peed into diapers & I’m happy they didn’t ‘timetablize’ my entire school life with separate coaching & home tuitions (they preferred bribing me with Barbie dolls). And I request you not to do that to your kids either, let them enjoy a day off.
Let Them Be Kids!

To all children & those kids at heart-
Happy Children’s Day!

P.S: I know I ranted too much, this is a common condition I suffer from pre-exam time when I have so much to study & too less time so I wind up here (this is my Wandering Thoughts you see) in a state of blissful denial & ignorance. Phew! Wish me luck guys!


cutesunny said…
i too miss my school dayz.... mmm..
p00ja said…
Hi, sorry to say but being a mother, I so want to give my 5yr old the day off, lots of time off, but then as a parent living in the same society where kids go for more than 2-3extras these days, there are times when I feel is my daughter missing out on some thing?
Rinaya said…
@Sunny:Don't we all bro?@Pooja: This is precisely what I was talking about.Age 5 isn't an age to worry about all these stuff..If we restrict them to our predefined ideas of what to study,how to study etc we are numbing their creativity.I agree am not old enough to know about these stuff but trust me you can afford to let a 5yr old be..that won't ruin her future,there's a time for's the time for her to enjoy being a kid!
Cloud Nine said…
True! Let us give them back their childhood. Happy Children's Day to the children in us!!!

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