Wise Enough To Be Foolish Reviewed

Wise Enough To Be Foolish is a fictionalized account of the author Gauri Jayaram's life. Born into a fauji  family with a typical Punjabi background, it's the story of a girl who constantly strives to be different. It's a story that offers nothing new. What's different is the matter-of-fact way of narration. The excellent clarity of thought portrayed by the protagonist, the way the characters have been shaped, the amazing narration that compels you to put yourself in the shoes of Gauri & think...all go into making this book a page-turner.

In India parents are given a place well above that given to God Himself. Gauri Jayaram has challenged that notion in her book quite vehemently & I find myself agreeing with her. Parents are but human, and while some seek solace in their guidance & find happiness in obeying their every wish no matter how illogical it seems, people like Gauri (and I) beg to differ. 

Gauri Jayaram has touched the nerve by writing on the everyday life of a woman. The often found discrimination between a son & a daughter, the eve-teasing that's rampant on the streets of India, not to mention the social taboos on getting married outside one's caste/religion or worse-getting divorced, all find a place in this book. And they are not thrown in haphazardly to preach the reader. Little incidents in Gauri's life show how very regular these occurrences are & how we are all used to it.

The story itself revolves around Gauri's transformation, from a tomboy who plays bad football to a woman who marries, gets divorced & finally finds 'magic'! Gauri makes you understand that every person who comes into your life comes for a reason. The reason may not be what you have planned it to be, but it is nevertheless important. even those who break your heart and your trust, did so because maybe you needed a rough jolt to grow stronger.

And though am rather skeptical with the whole 'love' thing & the happy ending, I'd let the reader pick on that for themselves. If you're romantic at heart, then this book will reconfirm your faith in love. If you're the pragmatic no-nonsense chap, then Wise Enough To Be Foolish will teach you how it's okay to be foolish at times.

On the whole Gauri Jayaram has done a good job. She makes you think, makes you question, she will probably help you make a choice. I know she helped me.

It doesn't matter if you're a guy or a girl. Wise Enough To Be Foolish is a book for everyone. I'd gladly give it a 4/5.


PSR said…
good and precise. :)

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