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"What is this life if full of care
we have no time to stand and stare.."
So said William H.Davies. This has always been one of my favourite poems (Mr. Nobody being the one the top). And here's why...

I have always found a routine life to be the most boring thing to happen to anyone! Since school days even before I'd come across this poem,I resented waking up every morning at 6 am & getting aboard the rickshaw to school. I longed for vacations of which unfortunately we had only a few. Come college & still there was the routine of classes,coaching & what-nots. And now when I have a job, the less said about routine life,the better!

Remember in school, we used to have  three breaks, one after every two periods & then the lunch break of 30 minutes. If we were not expected to sit continuously for even two hours, how can we be expected to live the same way an entire life? Take a minute & think about it. I agree we hang out with friends,go on dates, movies & those regular trips to the malls. But each of these so-called breaks make us more stressed. We need to dress good, talk in a way to impress our date,watch what we eat lest we put on weight! We take photos not for the sake of preserving memories but to get more likes on social networking sites. My friends always curse me when I take their pictures in natural situations, when they are laughing like their teeth will fall off, the weird faces they make when birthday cake's being smeared on them etc. Is it bad to be caught on camera the way you are? Must you always pull a pose that makes you look less fat,taller, have a fake smile?

Take a break! Switch off your phones.Get off internet.Pull out those earphones & just relax! Don't isolate yourself, that's not what I mean. Take a minute to just stand & stare. Take a walk in the evening & look up at the sky as the birds fly home,in a perfect V-formation. Watch a sunrise at dawn & see how the colours are so different from those at dusk. Look at people around you. Don't poke that friend on the networking site or post a "happy birthday"on their wall. Send someone real flowers & may be plant a few in your backyard.

Life is not always a competition or some test. It's a gift for you to enjoy. Slow down a bit sometimes, it will only re-energize you further. Find some time to stand & stare...

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AHH! i remember the school breaks...used to really look forward to them every day :-)

nice work! All the best for BAT!

Bhav.Zz said…
I loved the breaks more than the classes, I guess all students are the same :P
Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.
Good luck for the Blog-a-Ton :)
gone are those times when we met each other face to we meet only on facebook!! such is the irony!!
Panchali said…
Routines breed boredom!So, break free...Great message, Rimaya!!
ATB for BAT!
Nanka said…
Ahah!! That is exactly my routine in the evening for an hour at least....walk in the park, talk to someone I meet on the way not send messages ;) and generally enjoy nature!! Great I loved what you had to say here!!
Rinaya said…
Thanks everyone...I know school days are something we all miss..:)
Anonymous said…
really true we all need such breaks in life to enjoy nature n be free...
cifar shayar said…
we all confines our self by giving excuse of time to stand and stare and enjoy the beauty lies in nature.
Richa said…
pull a pose to post it as a profile picture on FB and not to build a memory.. so true!!

very nice take!
aativas said…
Agree, we need such breaks .. all the time :-)

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