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 The above quote just about surmises my friendship with this madcap sardar-Anish. How we met is going to be a good story..
It was the golden age when all school kids didn't own cell phones. I got my first one when I joined +2(11th Std). What I did with my phone is the very reason I'd never allow kids to own one until 18. Yep, I logged into indiatimes.com & set my id as rin92385XXXXX. Trust me that was a HUGE mistake! (I keep wondering if I have more of male hormones....I keep acting like a guy would, also that'd explain the moustache!)
I kept my phone off for a few days owing to the very friendly calls. But there was this one guy who'd send me good morning & good night messages every single day. Not a single vulgar message, damn decent & also of my age. I bearing the wisdom of a 16 year old finally replied to his SMS. And then we became friends :)

We were inseparable..over phone that is. And chatting with him made me what people now-call 'wisecrack'. Being a sardaar he'd crack jokes on them & every other category of people. You wish to see a good example of 'happy-go-lucky'? Meet my best friend Anish!


and now :


Vrsh said…
This pic is from that pizza joint, right? God, those were the days! Given the number of ups and downs your friendship faced..am glad you are still such great friends! Cheers to you both!
Rinaya said…
Actually this was of last year..he'd come to BBSR...it's in Pal Hts
cutesunny said…
miss those golden days !!!

waiting 2 c u soon OdO !!

cheers 2 our frndship !!
Maggie said…
hey! Very nice post! :)

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