A Midnight Treasure Hunt

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. The theme for the month is "and then there were none"

It was a classic full moon night. Not the kind that gives vain hope to romantic fools who sigh wistfully out of their windows, but the kind that makes you sink deep into your blanket & recollect unwillingly, all the horror stories you’ve heard or seen. A mist appeared & partly covered the moon, making the night hazy. I removed my specs to clean them only to realize it was another January fog that had descended tonight. My ears almost perked up, hoping to hear a wolf or at least, given the urban area I was living in, a dog howl. A sharp honk of a bike brought me back to my senses. Why was I out on the terrace of my PG post midnight?

It was eerie, moving around, my flip flops cracking through the deep silence. I was shivering, not with cold, but with anticipation & excitement. The room was just a few steps away. Open wide & dark. All at once cold & inviting, sinister & so tempting! I crawled when I wanted to run & managed to reach inside. The door creaked when I opened it. The overwhelming light flooded in, making everything crystal clear. And there sat the prize, the treasure that I hunted for, craved for at midnight.

There on the second shelf of the refrigerator, they sat.

The gulab jamuns, maroon, with white coconut crumbs, nestled lovingly in a pool of sugar syrup, stared back at me. Brought by someone who’d just had a wedding in the family, it was supposed to be relished by all the inmates at dinner. “Just one…” I remember thinking.
And then there were none!

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AYUSHI... said…
Hehehe... You nailed it Rin... Loved your treasure hunt... If one is looking to read something different, crisp and sweet, Wandering Thoughts is the best place... :)
viva_andya said…
Absolutely pleasing!! Brought smile on my face while reading. Great going.
Rinaya said…
Thanks a lot Ayushi... you made my day :)
Thanks Viva, welcome to my Wandering Thoughts!
Saro said…
HA HA HA HA awesome
Panchali said…
OMG...Delicious piece,Rinaya! absolutely creative genius!
Mixi said…
hehehe! I've been on many a midnight treasure hunt myself ;)

Loved your take on the theme! All the best :)

Mixi (My very first BAT entry!)
Nandini Deka said…
you ate them all up??? aah...all the best
Purba said…
The thought of ghosts makes you hungry?
Maun Vision said…
Feasted all alone. Aahh the tempting feast.
All the best.
Akila G said…
:D a perfect setting for a food - o - holic! esp the sweet tooth!!! loved it!! :)

aativas said…
Ahh! What a sweet suspense :-)
Richi Baidwan said…
hahahaha! Love the love for gulab jamuns. Good stuff.
Maliny said…
that was indeed a unique post :) sweet , kept me smiling and nodding in agreement towards the end . . nice work :) i love gulab jamuns ! :)

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