The same questions haunted her again. It felt oddly familiar, this confusion. But this time the stakes were different. She stared listlessly at the pile of wedding cards that lay on the table. Ryan had called it a mess earlier this morning. He’ll have to sleep on the couch tonight, the cheek of that man.
Out of habit she lifted the florist’s brochure, knowing all its contents by heart now. Roses were too commonplace Ryan said. He wanted her to carry daisies, citing that their simple yet alluring affluence was perfect for someone like her. It was at times like this, she wished he knew her better. He made an effort & a commendable one at that, true. Yet she knew there will always be a void no one can fill. And so Anemone was her pick, whimsical, just like her.  Compromise was now not her forte. Daisies will look good on the center piece anyway.

The D-day was just round the corner. But Christmas came before that. She would for the first time meet Ryan’s family. Natasha remembered the day she had met her own parents after the surgery. Mom had let out a muted gasp and turned her face away. She remembered holding her breath, fists clenched- an old habit from her last life, staring expectantly at her father’s face. He would not meet her eyes. They had left, both of them, from the doorstep of her home. Only her kid sister stayed back.  
“This is like so cool!” the ‘so’ stretched out long in the teenager kind of way. Her little sister’s nasal, irritating voice had at that moment felt like music to her ears. Natasha smiled. Robin was her solace, the most unlikely source of it. “So does that mean I can borrow your dresses?” had been her first question. Not “how does it feel to be a woman?” or “did it pain when they cut it off?” or “you know you can never have kids right?”

“Look alive woman!!” Ryan’s thundering voice woke her up from her reverie. She playfully tossed a cushion at him, “Go away!” “Oh yeah? And who’s gonna fill in the addresses for the wedding invites…Santa?” Natasha bit her lip, “You think they’d come?” “You should invite them Natasha. They’re your parents. It is expected.” With that he sat down & begun scribbling on an invite. “No way.…I’m not letting you write on these. With your handwriting they are never going to make it to anyone”

To Mr. & Mrs. Surrey
Robin Surrey

“But what about my expectations?” she thought while in bed  that night.

Only Robin received an invite.

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