Pole Star Of My Life

You are my conscience
the heartbeat of my soul
the one who molded me
the only God I'll ever know.

Yours is the hand I hold on to
when stumbling down the road
yours is the smile that shines through
the choking darkness of my life.

You're the candle that provides
warm comfort on a cold dark night
You are the Fire raging in me
the Giver of immortal Light.

Consistent as the Pole star
ever changing as the River
no simile, no metaphor can
ever describe my Mother!

Through your eyes I first saw this world
It's your words that I now repeat
Every moment to survive
the strength from you I seek.

Forgive me if my words sound weak
For my voice alone can't suffice
to unravel the Enigma that you are
no Man can ever claim to be as wise!


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