Light On Pocket & Fast On Mobile

I swear by Twitter
I live on Facebook
Google Plus never made it
I say RIP Orkut

A sneeze or a cough
or a day gone rough
my boyfriend doesnt love me
I quarelled with Mommy

Short & brief in my tweets
140 characters is all it took
for tidbits & hatred
that make my life an open book

Hanging out with friends
coochie-coo with him
Photshopped dee-pee
Updating my status on a whim

Welcome to my virtual world
where I poke & like & share
I chat funny & stay cool
And act like I really care

I swear by Twitter
I live on Facebook
you wonder what a socioholic I am?
in the mirror take a look!

Main to bachhpan se aisi hun :P

I admit I’m addicted to mobile browsing, well who isn’t anyway?! A free moment & my finger tips automatically stray towards the browser option on my home screen. Depending on whether I want to hear the latest news (Osama’s death, Aish’s daughter being born, countless earthquakes, movie ratings-all from Twitter) or whether I feel like sharing something interesting its Twitter & Facebook for me respectively! (Google Plus is yet to make an impact am afraid, it’s going the Orkutiya way already with weird people adding me into their circles…but I digress). However of late the network provider I was using changed their GPRS plans to something not very agreeable (read too costly). On my cousin’s recommendation switched to Vodafone and well, its light on my pocket & fast on my mobile!

So coming back to the topic-the kind of ‘fun’ I have online isn’t limited to just social media. I love music (don’t we all?) & the YouTube app is just perfect for checking out new music videos. Since I mostly stick to South Asian music (bands like Fahrenheit, SS501 & singers like T.O.P, Rain, Jang Keun Suk etc ) I have to use the net to watch any of their videos. Plus I get all the K & J-pop news on the go. I never watch Bollywood music channels on TV though, so its YouTube that rescues me when a friend asks-have you heard this song??
meri jaan my Nokia E5

Now all fun & no work will make me dull,right? Well, my GPRS helps me out a lot in college work too. Remember waiting tensely for your turn to come during viva? I’ve always made the best use of Google during such times! With a few clicks all solutions to tough questions are right before me. No wonder I suddenly become too popular then. A true life saver it is the combination of my Nokia E5 & Vodafone. Also being a content writer demands I stay updated of my client’s latest requirements & reply promptly. With my email sync option, I stay updated every 10 minutes as mail gets delivered directly to my mobile mailbox. It’s a huge relief to have such a facility so now I can party be on a date & yet give proper feedback to my clients.

And how can I forget what a great role GPRS plays in helping me stay awake in class! When the boring lectures commence, all I do is login to a chat client, sometimes WhatsApp& happily chat with my friends. In short my Nokia E5(with internet) is an indispensible part of my life, both at work & for fun. 

What’s yours?

This post is an entry to IndiBlogger's Internet is Fun contest by Vodafone


Travelligence said…
My reasons for Mobile Internet are quite Similar.

Take time off, when waiting for a meeting to begin, or when traveling..... Just let my Guard down, and sometimes, Flirt as if no one's watching.... other times, catch up with News, and most importantly, that FEELING OF BEING ALWAYS CONNECTED.

cutesunny said…
100 taka baat !!!!
The main benefit is u r alwayz cnnectd 2 ur frndz nd luved matter wherever u r... shooping shitting roaming blah blah blah..
pogo said…
Awesome ..... a total insight on how important technology is . Kudos
Rinaya said…
Staying connected is of course the best part of GPRS :D even if we don't own a smartphone it still helps !
suraj said…
never really figured out twitter much but i know it has something to do about the 140 characters....and awesome blog as always :D ... love the poem .. the boy version of that applies for me :p actually i dont use twitter so not too apt...
A said…
Can't live without the internet... wonder what they all did before google!!

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