How To Avoid Hair-fall

The solution is so simple…yet I bet you never thought of it… become bald! Yes, no hair no hair fall worries.

 And you thought I am blogging about some home-made concoction to do away with your receding hairline and now conspicuous scalp? Show you some miracle? And actually blog about it instead of selling my secrets to people from Proctor & Gamble? I may look that stupid but I am not.

My mane, my pride used to be so thick that Mom says( and my Mom does exaggerate) the teeth of the comb used to break. I survived my entire school career without visiting any parlour, as she used her scissors to give me a tomboy look. My mop of hair had stayed safe till then. Later as I grew up & the desire to look more feminine took over, I grew my hair.

And now summer or winter or be it the rain…what stays consistent is the hair…not on my head but on the comb. Thankfully my hair is considerate enough not to expose me in public by lying on my shoulder instead of head. But when we are alone, my hair sighs & moans and like a gentle autumn breeze causes the dry orange leaf to float downward, so does my hair strand lazily drift away when I run my hands through my head. I am afraid to comb my hair now & usually appear in all public places with a mass of flying away dead cells. I have a ready excuse for the mess-the auto drove too fast. 
She Still Looks Pretty right?

In the bath, it’s a sad tale. Every time I use the shampoo, I see the hair being washed away. I have stopped crying & bid them a silent goodbye, hoping their journey down the drain is more eventful than staying put on my head. Once I had a nightmare that I am washing my hair & as usual the strands flow down. And then I look into the mirror-I am bald!

But actually that idea now appeals to me (seeing that am so nearing the end to my ‘bad hair days’ to a ‘no hair ‘ state). Imagine a world full of bald people…c’mon! it will be so wonderful. No more terrifying shrieks from the bathroom, no expensive shampoos and conditioners. No need for any hair bonding/weaving/tie-dyeing etc. just you & your shiny scalp. There will be a new industry-that of scalp shining gels. Now you will be judged on how healthy & shiny your scalp is. Fashion will evolve, allowing more creative head gear than the types we saw at the Will-Kat wedding.

nice thingy on the head
But then … if wishes were horses beggars would ride. Till fashion catches up, your mane is your pride. And till then yours almost-baldy shall continue begging that shampoo bottle to please give me hair half as good as it gave to that preening model.


Prateek said…
Aishwarya personified, Abhishek horrified
Rinaya said…
Hey Aish is a person only....well no if u count her Cannes mermaid avatar :P
suraj said…
world full of bald people???? you could rather join some kind of cult... how does the kkk clan! and ya hair fall is a huge problem though....i had really long hair till last week, then each time i put on the gel, there atleast 4-5 strands of hair on my hands so cut my hair..... and stopped the whole gel schenenegan..... funny throughout.... and nice comparison *taking notes!!
I understand that men who are balding have taken seriously to shaving their hair off. Unfortunately we women have not reached that level of confidence ( other than Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das who did it for a film in which they finally did not act!). Hair is something we dont appreciate until it is not there!

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