And Then The Trees Walked

Himani woke up with a feeling of sadness. It was a clear sunny day, but her spirits were down as if some grief was sucking at her happiness not giving her permission to enjoy the beautiful morning. And then she remembered. Today her son would be lost, lost to the giant & ferocious Pyrus who knew no mercy. God! Was there no escape? He is only 12! Himani cursed her ancestors, cursed everyone. Who would protect her child…there is no one. Every other human is as helpless as her…some are lucky to die a natural death & some like her son are fed to demons like Pyrus.

Grandma came into the room to check what took Himani so long. Seeing her angry tears, she knelt down beside her,”My child, do not cry. At least your son will be lucky to escape all the hard labour & difficult life that we lead. He will reach Heaven & stay happily with his father.” “There is no Heaven! There is just Hell & it is right here…I’m burning in it!” Himani rushed out. Grandma sighed sadly. Her old eyes took a brief moment to relive the past that was…the year 2012 that changed everything.

The news had spread slowly that 2012 will be the end of the world, Apocalypse…Doomsday. Some people were critical, others believed it with fear. She herself had mocked the believers, calling them irrational. There were scientists stating that the Earth’s magnetic poles would shift & create a change in the magnetic sphere which would cause all machines to go haywire. Little did they know the truth.

The signs began to show. Subtle yet they were signs. Tsunamis & earthquakes…tectonic plates shifted, it seemed as if the Earth was getting restless. And then came the huge earthquake in Japan killing hundreds & thousands. It was as if Mother Nature was saying ‘Enough! Off with you.’ The geologists cited many theories to explain why it happened & left it at that. But by then the nuclear leak in Japan  had manifested itself. The first sign was a rabbit born without ears. Now people were scared. But no one had imagined the effect of the genetic mutation, the work of nature fuelled with the creation of man had already begun.

“Mother let’s go. It is time. Please wake up Shaam.” Himani said in a heavy voice breaking into Grandma’s thoughts.

They marched towards the enclosure. The people at the gate bowed their heads in sorrow. It was a daily routine, the Pyrus had to be fed else it became angry & wrecked havoc. It was their master & they couldn’t afford their master to be angry. Shaam hugged his mother, tears flowing down. One of the guards, took him away forcefully, leaving the two ladies wailing their hearts out. Grandma took hold of Himani & they walked back. Himani looked back just once, to see the green tentacles of the Pyrus high in the air. 

The Venus Fly-trap was going to eat her only son, with this thought she fainted.

This post was written for Blogeshwar & Anubhooti .


Sadiya Merchant said…
emm ok to b completely honest wid u, i dont think i understood d end at all! :(
did u mean trees* n typed tress n those trees ate humans? m i totally on d wrong track?
*feelin dumb* :((
Rinaya said…
Why..why is it me?! :( my net was so slow i didn't get time to review the post..typed on mobile..& just posted it.. yeah it's trees.. will correct it now :P
atlasshrugged said…
I like your imagination. I was glued to the post till end once i started. All together nice work.
Anonymous said…
very well written. very sad but ya not all stories can have happy ending. Loved ur writing style here :)
aww.. a post to think and read as many times as possible.. Awesome ***** to you... and PS: Thanks for stopping by my cute tunes.. Happy to have you there..

Someone is Special
Sagar..... said…
hmmmmm nice work of fiction ,
nice thought,
gud for all tym readers but still ned to be a bit expressive..
overall gud presentation.....
Anonymous said…
loved your work.
why don't you write a nice long story on this. I believe people need to have such scary thoughts to protect our mother earth. Keep it up :)
Prasoon said…
Only one word

" Awesome "

Loved the way u write...
Gaurav said…
It was very well written but i felt that u could have expressed more wider in detail but it was well present
Sairam said…
Science fiction is not my type. So didn't fall for it.

But the writing style is good. It made me stick till the end. Good job.

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