Tales From The Gym

This is one thing every blogger should blog about-gym tales. But thanks to my relatives, all well-meaning aunts and uncles I was made to have this never ending feeling of ‘eat more’. Also let me not forget my Mom who kept offering me a menu consisting of a variety of household chores to help her with whenever the topic of working out arose. Now that I am well above the voting age I decided to assert my rights and hit the gym. Truth be told it was my boyfriend who emotionally blackmailed me into it. He is well above 5”10 and of late has been increasing horizontally. This was a rising concern for me given my medium size frame & height of 5”2. So you are wondering why the heck I am in a gym? Join the club. Well, just like yours truly, he is the numero uno contestant for the world’s laziest person. Unless I push, yell & push again no work gets done.
So here I am in the gym for aerobics. I had a vision of an air-conditioned room, with a sexy hunk as the instructor and all aunties trying their best to lift their weight off the ground. Imagine my shock when I found the gym had a really pathetic a/c and all girls with hardly any age difference between us & a bulky dark mean looking instructor. I whined-“Do I really need to workout?” sucking my almost-there tummy further in. BF cast a look around and indicating a rather pretty girl, smirked and said fine.
Venga Boys played in full bass and I found myself jumping and exerting newly discovered muscles, casting “I’ll kill you when and if I survive this” looks to my boyfriend. Too bad he escaped to his weight training sessions before I could lay my hands on him. After the aerobics, all the girls either took off or hit the treadmill or some other exercise. I had to wait for him to finish his sets, so I stood there muttering to myself-“Why can’t they keep some magazines here…what am I supposed to do now?”
One of the instructors approached me-“You should do crunches” 
Me-“huh???” And then he made me do crunches. When he was satisfied that I was tortured enough, he said-“you should do weight lifting” This time my timidity vanished as I tried to save my poor body-
“err..no I don’t think so” 
“How about the treadmill?” 
“some stretching”
“No thanks I’ll pass” 
“What are you here for?” 
“For a sexy hunk of an instructor which you are so not” I muttered in my head. Aloud I said-“Err…for the legs?” And for the next 2 days I couldn’t even sit properly in the toilet.
My friends say I should escape before I actually disappear from sight. But that pretty girl is still coming to the gym & I’m not gonna take any chances. Also the new instructor is kind of cute. Now if only I could learn to duck before the wayward hands of the girl in front hits me…


Prateek said…
Haha! The kind of feeling when you are blackmailed and that too emotionally cannot be expressed. My condolences are with you. :P
Sagar..... said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sagar..... said…
hmmm ya i can feel the pain....

hope it goes off soon.... hehe
xyzandme said…
pretty girl in the gym? And its not you!? O_o
Rinaya said…
@xyz: yeah..not me *sighs!
Well...she's got braces :P
Giribala said…
All the best :-)
Gaurav said…
hahahhahahahahahaha :P mast hai :D
suraj said…
lol... the stories from gym are always interesting.... was really funny!! and you should have been there when i quit gym.... i couldn't move for a week!!! sports then gym dont go together! anyways awesome post as always!!!!
Sairam said…
Nice post. I see that you are quiet versatile and handle fiction and humour equally well.

Keep writing.

I agree with you. Gym is one thing every blogger should write. I did one piece too :)

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