Has anyone ever heard of a food fair? Food fest yes..but food fair? I'd been to one recently..
Bookworms who don't get any company (and that happens more often than not) would get what am pointing at.. U drag along a couple of friends to a book fair..for company & the voila! u have a food fair.
It all starts when u spot a famous publisher's stall & simultaneously your company lets out a squeal of delight spotting a gupchup stall.When u finally manage to get them into a book stall , you spend the rest of the time in there busily browsing through books & avoiding eye-contact with everyone..pretending you don't know the gang of giggling,sniggering,loud gals tagging along with you.
One of them spotted the famous novel 'P.S I Love You'. A round of giggles later they realised that one of them had the same initials-P.S..What followed after that raised many eyebrows. I managed to keep my sanity, grab the book I wanted & sneak away.We went to another bookstall.Their one of them finally decided to buy a book.My book cost 40bucks & hers too was priced the same..but she argued-"hey! But my book is thinner than hers?!"
Then the most notorious one of the lot spotted someone having a chuski-ice dippedi in a myriad of colored water.For the next half an hour we made 3 rounds of the entire ground searching for the chuski stall.Someone suhggested going up to the Celesty ice-cream stall & asking them the wherabouts of chuski stall!
Finally after getting tired,buying just 3books..and binging on chaats,ice-creams,dahi-vada and other substitutes they gave up the quest for chuski.Only to spot the stall outside the entrance!!


Tanay said…
haha.... only bookworms shud go to book fairs!!

hey wud like to advise u something. although u write well, and u live up to the theme "Wandering Thoughts" (since u seem to be discussing things tht come to ur mind in vivid details), but u shud still be selective abt ur topics i think. Because here's one golden law of blogging (created by me!!) tht even if u bore ur reader once, (s)he wont return to ur site EVER again.

ur posts are nice to read if someone is determined to read it full; but ur posts r not gripping enough because of their topics. u have an advantage though, tht u write short posts, so ppl will read. but to make them return, think frm their point of view before selecting the topic... there r things which cn be interesting to u and some other ppl, but nt to everyone.
Rin said…
hm..ur ri8,but like i sed i write fr fun.Its a passion yes,but i am impartial to my topics.Actually I write for myself & blogging is somethng new dat am tryng.So i guess I do need a bit of experience in selectng topics & all dat..
Ur der na to help me out?! :)

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