bhaiyaa aal is not well !!

I thought I'd start the new year with something about the new year resolution & generally things in that context, but the recent news about Chetan Bhagat has got me all p***ed off!!
Wouldn't u agree with me that this is indeed a case of daylight robbery? Going by what Chetan says( and we all believe you Mr. Bhagat!) this denial on the part of the producers is a shame on the face of Bollywood! I mean any person who has read the book will vouch for the fact that the movie is nearly 50% based on the movie.If they said 2-5% I'd tell them to go revise their math skills!!
Scenes from FPS :
1. As Mr.Bhagat has already stated in his blog, there are many scenes that are uncannily familiar-the 3 friends meet at ragging time.
2. They get separated.
3. Class begins with the definition of MACHINE.
4. The suicide attempt by Raju(Fatso).
5. The entire situation at Raju's home, unwed sister, working( crying & moaning)mother & paralyzed father.
6. The hospitalization of Raju's father, being carried on scooter.
7. Operation Pendulum going awry.
8. Fatso leaving the group & then again rejoining.
9. Visiting Virus' house at night.
Well, I could go on & on.. but I don't want to bore u by stating what is so obvious. It's amazing isn't it? The extent to which Bollywood people consider the public as morons! I mean just because they give us silly flicks like Blue, Aag etc , do they actually think we don't have a brain?? Wouldn't we see what is so obvious-an adaptation of the brilliant novel? I'd advise Mr. Aamir Khan to read the book before he faces the media & public or he'd just be embarrassing himself like his friends. True many have not read the book & for them the movie is just a movie, but then there are many stories that are not written into books but exist as screenplays. The writers deserve due credit always.
As Mr. Bhagat says,he is a well-known writer with a huge fan following. It's not difficult for him to get support & for people to see the truth. But what about the many unknown faces who have their stories stolen everyday?
The movie is good no doubt, the actors, the climax, the twists & turns are all too good. What is disappointing is the utterly shameless denial of acknowledgment of the author!!
Chetan Bhagat doesn't need this kind of publicity & I guess it's time Bollywood should learn to treat other artists as equals!!


Rin said…
no prizes for guessing who the idiots are now.. Do let me know your comments ..not on this write-up(tho I'd not mind that!) but generally on this issue.
And have a happy 2010!! :)
Rin said…
oohh..sorry..for writng "nearly 50% based on the movie" :P
i meant book..
see I was so angry & upset I cudnt concntr8..d error is deeply regretted!!
Sagar Patil said…
hey Rina, its a very valid point you are making I think. Its not financially relevant but plagiarism is something that needs to be stopped... especially when bollywood itself advocates of banishing pirated CD's and if something like is being done... its imp to spread awareness about it. As I said, you have done your part... the part of being responsible and acting upon it... :)

Accolades for that. Well done :)
Tanay said…
an artist deserves the credit for any bit of work. and in this case, Chetan's contribution was:
1. the whole theme of satire on education system
2. the shape of most characters except probably javed jaffery
3. the incidents u listed.

so although chetan's contribution is just around 50% mathematically, i agree with his figure of 70% due to the additional parts!
sagar said…
well very truly pointed mam.....

dis is not new for bollywood same kinda incident happened wid da famous song hum dil de chuke sanam's
nimuda nimuda track

da person who actually wrote da song was just paid rs500 nd whole credit was taken by da music directors....

well but i must say da main thing in ny book or movie is its theme nd here i say its not 50 or 70 its fully 100% stolen story in dis case as the theme is taken from da book.

if i take away ur child do a bit of make up nd say its my creation how will it be?

dats wat............ now people in our film industry shud know how to treat other atrtists......

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