Happy B’Day Sir Newton!

Hello again,
I was simply googling to find something to bore my classmates with , at the seminar this week when I noticed Google’s logo with the apple falling down. It reminded me of my friend who had vented out his anger on all the scientists & especially Newton wondering, why the apple hitting him on the head had not caused a concussion instead!
So I looked up Wikipedia to find out more about the famous apple tree. To quote Wiki-“A contemporary writer William Stukeley, recorded in his Memoirs of Sir Isaac Newton's Life a conversation with Newton in Kensington on 15 April 1726, in which Newton recalled ‘when formerly, the notion of gravitation came into his mind. It was occasioned by the fall of an apple, as he sat in contemplative mood. Why should that apple always descend perpendicularly to the ground, thought he to himself. Why should it not go sideways or upwards, but constantly to the Earth's centre?’ ”
( Sir Isaac Newton's Apple Tree's 'alleged descendant. A Flower of Kent variety.)

Well, lets ponder over the reasons why the apple might have fallen over him in the first place…
Ø Logical: The apple was ripe to the point of rotting & Newton’s head appeared to be a safe landing place
Ø Spiritual: God willed it & so it happened! It was actually a pre-planned phenomenon, the apple had to fall & Newton’s dimaag ki batti was to light up so the future generations would be tortured more & pray to God more so that they pass in the exams. A kind of self-promotion that that’s so common these days. That’s why they say “kalyug”! (look God, its nothing personal ok?)
Ø Satanic: The Devil did it. The Apple had caused a lot of problems before, luring Eve & corrupting humanity. So the Devil wanted to do the Apple a good favor so that in future it’ll be thought of in a fond way. Guess he didn’t succeed much there.
Ø Psychological: The apple didn’t fall. A little birdie pooped on his head while he was under the tree. Since Newton couldn’t confess that he blamed the poor apple tree. It reflects the deep psychology of his nature( don’t ask me what , you expect me to do all the research??)
Ø Political: It’s a hoax! Apple was the allegedly symbol of the party that Newton supported, so in order to get more votes Newton used the apple tree as a possible ploy.(P.S : Notice the word ‘allegedly’)
Ø Illogical: There’s no apple, no Newton , no gravity. Its 2013 already & you are dead. Hell is full & Heaven won’t take you in. You are reading the “Aakash Tak” while you patiently wait for your turn to get in to Hell.


Rinaya said…
I hope am not hurting any science fanatic's sentiments.. :P
Saina said…
no .. it's too good anyway!
Tanay said…
wow!! i loved reading it!
Tanay said…
when u change ur template, be careful of font colors... some of them become illegible due to the new background colors tht creep in
Rinaya said…
yeah sorry about dat, I published it & den realised too late dat d background color wont match :P
neway yellow has never been my color!1 :P
Sagar Patil said…
Rina, this made me smile :):)
Rinaya said…
m glad it did :)
sagar said…
well if newton had still been living he would hv committed suicide after reading dis but i must say its great sign of innovation.......

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