A Murder Goes Unnoticed!!!

I witnessed it...this cold-blooded murder that took place in broad daylight. And I wasn’t alone; there was a relative traffic on the road, people on the streets. But somehow no one seemed to notice this brutal hacking of limbs, the ruthless separation of body parts. And when she fell with a huge cloud of dust rising on the road, no one bothered to protest, to even pause & look.

I wondered was it because it was just a road-side tree?!

Yes guys, I am talking about murders that take place everyday...a common sight on Indian roads. Mostly those cities striving to be urbanized & give a match to their western counterparts indulge in this mindless massacre of trees. No development, no level of urbanization, of economic growth can justify these murders.
It’s a scene I wish I’d rather never witnessed, a life being taken without the slightest hint of remorse. All those trees standing there, erect & proud, bowing not to the mighty wind or the scorching sun. Yet we humans, beggars that we are, depending solely on these very trees, treat them as inanimate objects. Can’t they see the roots, binding itself with Mother Earth, the very channels of life? Don’t they hear the leaves rustling? Can’t they see the countless forms of lives in their strong branches? Swine flu hits the headlines…AIDS, cancer etc make it to the news. People bemoan killing of the innocent in all terrorist attacks. Why the life of a tree is considered puny then?? Why do we never see “Tree murdered on XYZ Street. Culprit convicted.” on the front pages?
Widening of roads- that was the reason cited by authorities to justify their act. What for? To ease out traffic? So that the roads are wider & hence the mindless motorists can over speed? People can’t travel via public transport, car pooling is unheard of so…let’s cut the trees to widen roads to ease out traffic! Man has always used his intelligence to simplify things for his own needs. But I believe in Nature’s law. Someday the murderers will be punished!


sagar said…
this write up is more interesting than any tahelka or sunsani in ny news channel who generally show crap stuff or da same news in n number of different ways........

well life is equal for every one whether it be a human plant or even an amoeba.

well menaka gandhi runs a very big cell in india against killing street roaming animanls like cats and dogs as even they deserve life nd shud njoy dat..

nd for sure if she does da same work for da tree it would be more productive...(i shud'nt be comparing two forms of life but i feel trees are more important den dogs or cats)

in ancient days we had a tit 4 tat rule so y not appyling it now....

lets do one thing da person who cuts trees shud be ordered not to cut rather to up root it nd plant it in some othet place if possible else plant 5 more trees in a near by place of the same type....because da person cutting the trees must not be starting to breeth in less oxygen as he is da reason for decressing oxygen formation from our environment so y will he make us suffer???????

its high time... lets join hands.... as not only we think it u can chk in every holy book how much punishable it is if we cut a tree as it is equal to kiling a living person

thanks mam for writing on such a great topic......

long live our nature...
Tanay said…
well nature does take its revenge... the tsunami, earthquakes, etc are ways in which nature bursts out...
Rinaya said…
wow Sagar dat was a gr8 response.. !
I just wish everone would pause to think about dis seriously.. :(
Trees are Living as much as we are.. let's not take their silence for granted!

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