so am back with my promised list of New Year resolutions (ref. New Year Mocktail). My 2010 started with the neighbour’s kids bursting crackers that sounded like Pak throwing bombs from the skies, right under my bedroom window. The first 5minutes I kept jumping off my skin & that’s the reason I was so late in wishing all my friends ( one of them promptly ended the call when all he heard from my end was the Chinese crackers).
I didn’t exactly find any reason to deafen my neighbours so I promptly snuggled into my bed. Lying there I contemplated on what my resolutions should be. (Yeah, I know you are supposed to decide before hand, but yours truly takes too much pride in her laziness). I finally came up with a comprehensive list & here is the first one…

Become fairer!

I am dusky in complexion, and going by the ads that brighten our T.V sets at dinner time, I should get rid of it ASAP if I’m to survive in this highly competitive world. There are many plus points of being fair. Apart from the looks factor ( I can get a horde of guys swooning after me who would agree to a dowry free marriage), in the professional department too it can work wonders. Like I’d enter the interview room & the room would become so dazzling bright that the interviewer will have difficulty in reading my pathetic portfolio & instead get bowled over by my appearance & grant me the job. Wow, beat that!
Also people will notice me more, i.e. lesser risk of being run over by vehicles in the dark. I can wear the clothes of my choice without worrying about looking like a dressed up scarecrow & apply dark make-up that doesn’t make it look like am disguised to rob some bank. Also I’ll be reducing global warming (Kirchhoff’s law or something).
Some may say that my resolution is too shallow & lacking in depth etc.. .but hey its long since people realized that I actually belong to the “fairer sex” & stop treating me as a guy! :P


indian duke said…
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indian duke said…
ah~well I've never read other's blogs and the thing behind is that I don't have my own blog.But when I read it for first time,I got surprised cuz everyone can't think and write like I respect you thinking and your nature of writing.
And I hope definitely you'll get success oneday..thanks.
Rinaya said…
well everyone is't as mad as I am :P LOL
thanx fr liking it!! :)
Sagar Patil said…
"Also I’ll be reducing global warming (Kirchhoff’s law or something)"

hahaha,... Rinaya, ROLF ...

You have got an elan that does have sarcastic humor involved intermittently in it. That I enjoy the most for you stand unique there.

and btw, the law is : "Plank's hypothesis for Black Body radiation"...

Rinaya said…
see I keep getting der names messed up LOL

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