What’s You Rashee? Resolution No. 2!

True to my word & nature I have been LAZY! It’s a tedious & very demanding job indeed to bunk classes everyday & come up with new excuses for doing so. Since session started last week, this is the sole activity that has taken up a larger unit of my minimal brain power, thereby decreasing my creativity. Hence I apologize whole-heartedly to my (hopefully disappointed rather than relieved) readers who found me missing in action.

So here’s my second new year resolution…”Stop checking out my Daily Horoscope”.

I’m obsessed with my future albeit my total lack of interest in building a secure & what they call “bright” one( it always brought an image of an over-crowded, urban office with bright lighting). Be it the daily newspaper or a social networking site, I am always looking for the horoscope. Yes, I know that they are mostly the means via which the creative talents of the local newspaper express themselves & have as much to do with astrology as Guinea pig has to do with…well Guinea.

But I can never subdue my curiosity. I check for the lucky color of the day and end up dressed in weird combination looking like what could be the bestst fashion disaster nominee for the day. And I could never fathom the reason why the lucky time of the day ALWAYS has to be when am asleep. So when FaceBook provides a sneak peek into tomorrow’s horoscope, you can find me looking lost in the classroom having spent the previous night awake at my lucky hour. Then comes the Mood of the Day. There are days when I desperately try to put up a pensive face when my entire being is tickled to fits!

Some days have these warnings-“ Beware of pickpockets”, which has me walking about strangely giving people an impression that I’m very fond of my rear-end. And the best part is the Love Horoscope which suggests how I should carry on my love affair. You get tips on everything… from what-to-wear to how-to-smell. So I end up drowning my boyfriend in Musk or Lavender, or having a fight with him if the horoscope says “ Your soul-mate may not have honesty on his mind today”. That should explain the innumerable break-ups.

What fascinates me the most is the subtle use of words that would have put Shakespeare to shame! Half the day is spent trying to find out what they mean & the other half in implementing them. And some newspapers throw astrological jargon that both fascinate, amuse & intimidate me. I imagine what Galileo would have said if he’d happened to see Saturn jumping in front of Mars & making faces at it, or Jupiter coming over to visit Venus for tea!

Being an Indian has added woes to the horoscope thing ‘coz added to the sunsign we also have the moonsign to think about. And this makes me respectively a Taurean & a Virgo. Thus I end up simply checking for the best (and safest ) horoscope & sticking to it all day,

But from this year no what’s your rashee for me thanx!


Tanay said…
ur blog is getting very very interesting.

i bet no horoscope helps u as much as astro-anjaan :P
Rinaya said…
Gee thanx.. :)
didnt I mention dats d only horoscope am gonna follow al year thru :) Astro-anjaan simply rocksss yaar!! :D
Dhruva Mathur said…
Lol. I also do check it but not everyday. haha but my sis.....

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