Emotions At Play

I love using smiley’s, whether am messaging or scrapping or even thinking. I simple go :) or :| or :-p ok.. you got the idea. I find it simple to portray my emotions that way without the need of wasting my vital energy resources.  It’s easier for the person in front to give a proper well-timed response too without it being awkward. But this isn’t a post about the what’s & how’s of emoticons. I’d rather discuss the topic at its origin-emotions themselves.

Having survived the hyper emotional teenage years and also suffering from the plight of being a woman (almost…well I look like one!) I can fairly well relate to emotions.  Specially the ones that make me look for my hanky. No, I didn’t cry at movie theaters when Leonardo died in Titanic or SRK breathed his last in KHNH. I rather end up crying unexpectedly in situations like when I had seen a crippled person at the bus stop, begging in the scorching heat. Unlike beggars who are physically as able as us & probably having fatter bank A/Cs, I feel bad about people who really deserve help. Sadly they get the same treatment as the frauds.

And the last time I was close to tears was when there was this little 5yr old crying her eyes out at the mall, wanting a Barbie. She looked like a Barbie’s younger sis Kelly herself...It was so sad, the innocent doll not understanding the deep practical calculations her Mom had to do, before indulging in such an extravagance. For the little girl it was after all just a matter of bringing down the doll from the shelf & walking away with it.

Situations like this make me feel so sad & sometimes feel really blessed that at least I was in a better situation. (To be honest I doubt it somewhat, I got my Barbie’s after toiling hard & getting a good percent. Indian corruption you know-begins at home! )

There are situations also when I am at a loss to understand what emotion to show. Like when my err.. 2nd BF dumped me citing the caste difference as a reason & he so wanted me to believe it. We were 18 then by the way.

And situations that make me laugh? There are enough of those to label me as a freak. I laugh when I hear tales of break-up’s. The types which go like
-She: “You didn’t call me the whole day?!!!”
He: “I was busy dear.”
She:”With whom exactly? Forget it, I don’t even wanna know. It’s over!” and then my friend would bore me the entire day sketching out the possibilities of the other girl. Seriously LOL! :D

I smile in many other situations that I dare not mention here lest you label me a lunatic… :P

And most importantly I laugh at myself a lot. ‘Coz if I don’t do it first then others will laugh at me!

The main thing about emotions that I have been pointed out to by a dear friend is that at the end of the day, they are all under our control. We can choose to be happy or sad or angry when we want. The feel-good factor lies in the little thing we carry on our necks. It’s all in hormones & enzymes anyway. When we feel insanely furious enough to destroy the world, all we need to do is send a message to the brain to activate the other hormone & start smiling again. It’s as easy as it sound really.

When you are upset with someone just remember the happiest moments you both spent together and think about the possibilities of many more precious moments that you can spend if you just learn to forgive. Or if it’s a break up you are having, don’t spend the day moping about thinking what could have been. A better option would be to feel happy about the good time you had, be thankful about the experience (:P) & then smile ‘coz someone better deserves you.

I’m probably sounding like an Agony aunt from some women’s magazine, but I just had this wonderful insight in to the human mind that I couldn’t resist sharing. And mind you, I gained it from practical experience. So slap a smile on your face & just let it stay there…trust me you look good! 

P.S: Yes, it's a long time since I've blogged so please excuse the side -effects of the unintended vacation from writing :)


Tanay said…
a perfect post. perfect beginning and a perfect description.
Rinaya said…
@Lopa: i say thanx! :)
@Tanay: wow!! dats a superb compliment coming from a perfectionist :) & I'm glad u found time to read this one.Your interview was fab too,apart from that Atul spoiler in the comments :(
Vinayak said…
very nicely written...awesome job
keep blogging
Rakesh Mallya said…
First half of your post represented your emotions entirely, the second half seemed as though you wanted to give a "happy ending" to the post.

Nice read.
Rinaya said…
@Vinayak : thanx :)
@R.Mallaya: well,it was really my emotions and all that but then I thought it would be better if I shared a bit about how emotions really should be handled.
I take it as a compliment that it appears as a happy ending ! :)
Anonymous said…
jst describing my funda...stay alwayz happy and make others happy too... nt lyk u !!!!
Rinaya said…
mr.Anonymous: well m sory wher u gt dat impressn frm.. neway dear bro..grow up! :P
Sagar..... said…
well thnks for writin dis i actually learnt alot of things frm dis............

i shud be happy always nd happiness lies widin me ....... i mean dis is great must say gr8 thoughts........

hats off to these thoughts and the presenter......
Prasoon khare said…
Well....First of all, I wud like to tell u dat I too use smiley's a lot...... I just love them..... And 2nd thing- I'm also learning to keep smiling at every thing that come my way, good or bad. It makes easier for me to connect with your post....

Nice one.....and your writing style- very impressive
Rinaya said…
Thank u Sagar & Prasoon :)
Good article,but well---something's missing,go figure.
Not like the other article I'd commented on(which was superb,by the way),but it does manage to hold the attention,mainly on the power and energy of the narrative,the narrative DRIVE,so to speak(that seems to be your forte[No mean achievement!]...),but,but,but............You run out of steam in places.

No probs,a little editing can do wonders and yes,you are one hell of a blogger.
Rinaya said…
I'd simply love it if u find out d missing 'something' :)
its kinda surprising ... some time two pplz thoughts could cut across each other n can share sth soo common...

some of the things just amazed meeh .. coz u also do same way as I used to do .. ;)

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