Chocolates From My Sugar

How can Valentine Week pass by & I not talk of love? Apart from the hormone-high humans, even the Gods seem to enjoy the month of love. The cold & bitter winters have bid a goodbye & made way for the cool spring winds to blow. From a grey tinted picture it’s now a colourful world all around. So here is a short, I won’t call it a story, but rather a short incident celebrating the essence of love.

She walked down the road to the small cafĂ© where he was waiting for her. She knew she was late again but she also knew that he won’t mind & there will always be that welcoming smile on his face, the greeting-“You look beautiful today!” waiting for her. No matter how many times he said it, it always sounded so reassuring & honest coming from him.

“Hey happy Propose Day!” she wished him. “Same to you sweetheart. But am I supposed to propose to you again?” he wiggled his eyebrows. “No silly. But anyway you don’t have to, you already know my answer” she smiled.

 They spent their usual hour gossiping and catching up on the news from their respective colleges. Stealing a few kisses when no one was looking & simply savouring the moments together. The empty Coke bottles lay long forgotten. But time always seems to get jealous when people are exploiting it for their happiness.

They got up from their seats & he handed her his wallet & went out near the parking lot to make a call. Fumbling through the wallet, she noticed her picture in the inner flap & smiled: it’s always been there for the last 3years, since the day she had given it to him.

As she went up to the counter to pay the bill & join him, she noticed another guy standing there. A wide array of chocolates were lined up before him and he was frowning at them as if they were complex maths problems. After a few seconds of staring, he picked up a handful of every type, got them packed, paid and left.

“Oh…it’s Chocolate Day tomorrow…” she smiled to herself.
Walking up to him, she playfully reminded him-“its Chocolate Day tomorrow. So I want a Dairy Milk Silk & a Temptation too… I don’t care for teddies or roses. But chocolates is a must!” she winked. His face wore a rather sad smile-“I’m so sorry honey. But right now I don’t think I have that much on me to get you chocolates. I promise I’ll buy you some later, but not tomorrow…” Her face fell. And of course it didn’t go unnoticed. “Hey sweetheart, a few chocolates can’t describe my love for you! But I promise if you want them, you will have them soon.”

Back home, she frowned. What was wrong with her? She never fancied chocolates as such. Was this Valentine week crap getting into her? Since when had she begun measuring love in such materialistic ways? She shook her head…no that wasn’t like her. And knowing him, he would never deny her anything unless it was that impossible. But now he would try his best to keep his promise. She decided she would cancel their date tomorrow at all costs. No date means he wouldn’t have to worry about getting any chocolates. Yes she would miss him tomorrow, but it was all her fault anyway.

During their usual late night chat, she dropped a hint that she was busy the next day. “It’s ok honey. If you do find some time let me know. I’ll be waiting”.

The next day, he called asking if she would like to be picked up from college. She denied, made some excuse about getting a lift from her friend. When he called her up in the afternoon she feigned tiredness & slept off. When she woke up, about 5 missed calls were on her phone.

He called again-“I have been trying to meet you the entire day. There’s a packet of Celebrations & Silk waiting for you in my college bag….I’d got it last night itself & planned to surprise you today.” His voice bore unmistakeable sadness & disappointment. “Oh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t want to give you any trouble so I thought if I said I won’t meet you today you wouldn’t be worried about the chocolates…”

“Silly girl… your smile is all I care about. And I would go through anything to get you what you want. You better meet up tomorrow else these chocolates will find their way straight into my stomach!”

P.S: Those were the best chocolates I’d ever eaten! Yes, that was my Sugar’s gift to me on the day after Chocolate Day. As I read Blog Adda’s recent Stages of Love! contest, I thought of sharing this tiny incident with you all. Sagar & I have been together for almost 3 years(to be 3 this May). And these 3 years have been the best years of my life, full of unpredictable madness, fun & most of all unlimited love!

That's Us :) 

We do fight and argue a lot but the best part, is we know that our love is stronger than these petty hassles. We don’t need gifts or any outward display of affection to show that we care. He is there for me always as I am & that’s all that matters!

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Abhijeet said…
very nicely written!!!! u put it out in a nice way :)
Sourav said…
Yes, this week will obviously make us talk love!

I loved this story, but I can bet this is not just a fiction. Correct me if am wrong, but the way you described things, it cannot just be a piece of thought!
Rinaya said…
@Abhijeet: thanks bro.. :)
@Sourav: yep it's a true incident of course.. :)
RoHiT Iyer said…
Really nice post there... Hope you guys stay this way as long as chocolates and flowers exist in this world :D..
Keep writing!! And so, your love isn't a mystery to the virtual world anymore!! :D

D2 said…
That was a really sweet incident. Very honest and a love that is not selfish. I wish you guys all the very best. And have fun tomorrow. ;-)
vineet said…
very cute indeed,lovely, esp dat time gettin jealous thng..hope u win n ir feels like u deserv 2 win...kudos
Rinaya said…
@Rohit: No,my love was never hidden in the poor BF has done many guest appearances in all the silly blog posts :P
@D2:Thanks a lot buddy! :)
@Vineet:Thanks u so much ! :)
Sadiya Merchant said…
that is sooo soooo very cute!
love d pic n great story....i gues dats d cool part abt keepin it real!
good luck wid d contest n cours im sure ull hav a rockin valentine's
God bless! :))
Devilzangel said…
awww tht ws kewttt :p wish u both a happy luck :p
RaNiiiiii said…
Hi Rinaya..

cute story indeed ... happy valentine's day to u and Sagar

- Raniiii
geetz said…
eeeeeeeeeeeeee :D very sweet and cute story it is :) i loved it..really :D
suraj said…
really nice incident.... thats love innit, selfless and pure.... btw why do chocolates get expensive during February..... there must be traditions like 1rs chocolates will be enough... that would be great! nice post... awesome narration. but why the third person????... still makes it that much more of a good read!
xyzandme said…
"We do fight and argue a lot but the best part, is we know that our love is stronger than these petty hassles"

Rinaya said…
hey thanks guys for ur lovely wishes.. :)

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