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I have been writing on some serious topics these days…seriously creating an illusion that I can think deep & profound thoughts. That would make the blog title a total misnomer if there ever was one! So in order to protect my reputation & also that of my blog, I am back with a ‘normal’ post. Since all weekend I have been busy with guiding my classmates on how to drink & party( details later) & trying to categorize the various movies I have in my laptop( making space deleting all those useless PPT slides our teachers give us), I am short of inspiration. So I’ll do what I do best-talk about myself.
My Most Embarrassing Moment(s):

Ah! I can already see your eyes flare up & you licking your lips in anticipation. No one can resist a good laugh at other’s expense. And I am benevolent enough to let you have your fun.
As you already know(presuming you are a regular reader) I am notorious for running into trouble-weird love life, kitchen fires, drunk & wasted, making a fool of myself-I have done it all. And it started at an early age.

My Sweet Tooth & Sharp Tongue: It was in nursery or maybe upper nursery when I was in Calcutta. It is the custom at schools for the birthday girl/boy to distribute chocolates to all teachers. Personally I think it’s a bribe to say-spare me on my birthday atleast! Anyway so there was a guy from another section who came up to give chocolates to the Miss in my class. My sweet tooth couldn’t resist & I whispered to my friend-look at this teacher, she is so old & still eating chocolates! Shouldn’t she give us some? 

And bingo! My so-called friend went up & told this to the teacher who made me stand up the entire period. The news spread too( you would think nursery kids don’t gossip!) and I got my 15minutes of ‘fame’ as they say .

Marrying Chunky Pandey: Although it wasn’t embarrassing then, it is VERY embarrassing now! I don’t remember what movie it was that made me say it, but I did. Declared in front of my parents- I want to marry Chunky Pandey when I grow up! My parents are good people( or they have bad memory) they have never taunted me about it. But I cannot help cringing when I replay that scene in my head…!

Ermm What Was Your Name Again?This happened when I was in class 9. I was the deputy monitor or something & had been sent on an errand to another class. When the teacher who had sent me, asked who was teaching in the other class I drew a blank. See, I am a girl who didn’t even know who the people in the other sections were( small social life minus Facebook & Twitter, remember?). Now try standing in front of your classmates trying to describe a teacher’s physical appearance to another teacher. Bet you can’t beat that!

There are plenty more such moments-am saving them for a rainy day (& some that will never see the light of the day). Do share some of your ‘moments’ too & make me feel like I am not the only buffoon in this world!


Amrit said…
hohoho!!! bet most have gone through something similar!! in my case it was sonali bendre, had everything else in mind other than marriage plans ;) thanks for refreshing the lovely memories! keep writing :)
Rinaya said… least ur choice was way better than mine I must say..!
p00ja said…
Well mine was similarly in school that too in nursery, KG2 to be precise!
My class was punished by some teacher who dint even teach us for making "loud" noise and disturbing her class, which I thought (verbally) was "Stupid", as she dint have any rights to do so either. Now as this thought of mine was verbal, my best friend, passed on my msg to the ma'am herself, and there I had the sky falling on me! Since then I was known as the "Stupid" girl!
xyzandme said…
Post " playing with myself " session. I had two-three kleenex stuck to my pants at the rear. My mom saw it and asked me " Had fun? " and looked at those tissue papers.
I went into my room and puked in my mouth a bit.

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