Yeh Dil Maange Mole!

It’s past midnight & I’m blogging. Not because I have nothing better to do, but because I have SO much to do I can’t decide WHAT to do. Déjà vu? Yeah, I know.

I was chatting with a friend (yes, that’s what I do when I have a workload) and then the topic of moles & pimples came up. He made some comment about “my mole is a like a white mark on my black face” or something to that effect which like totally bounced off my head-he was high on Coke( the thanda wala re) he later confessed. But that made me think about my mole… the silent, black mole sitting jauntily on my nose, assured of its ‘landmark’ status. I’m proud of my mole-it’s a proof that I’m my father’s daughter (Pa has the same kind, except it’s quite inconspicuous). So whenever my Mom throws a comment at me that she might have just picked me up from some mela  or worse a garbage dump, I proudly point to my nose & smirk, ha!

All my life I have been subjected to all kinds of ridicule…like the time in Std 10 when my Mom (yet again) cut my hair in crew cut style & I was forced to go to the farewell dressed in a sari looking like those people on the train you tend to avoid. I bore all that with aplomb. But one word against my mole… and you are so dead! Once in a blue moon when Mom doesn’t have any spicy topic to advice on or there isn’t any natural calamity like swine flu or dengue going on, she takes a grave look at my face & declares that the mole is growing & in fact it has dislodged from the original left part of my noise to the central position. And then follows a discussion on what’s the best way to get rid of it. I end the argument the same way every time-in case you lose me in a fair or one fine day I decide to elope hypothetically Mom!! you can always post a nice ad in the paper: “Daughter missing blah blah birthmark: big, black mole on the nose.” No one will miss that!

But now it seems I’m fighting a losing battle. My boyfriend too has started resenting my mole. No amount of emotional atyachaar & lines like “you love me na… then how come your love doesn’t include my mole?”  have fallen flat. “That’s my beauty spot!” I say. “It’s more like a football ground!!” he counters. “It does the work of overshadowing all the nasty pimples I get…” I whimper hoping he didn’t actually hear that.

Right now dear mole is safe & intact. I’m not giving up without a struggle. And to those who have a problem with it I’d say-“buri nazar wale tera mu kaala!”

P.S: As much as I love my love my mole.. I'm sorry I can't really share a picture of it here... too possessive you know!


RoHiT Iyer said…
lol... funny title. Wish to see mole of such posts :D
p00ja said…
Now ill keep looking for a witty college girl with a mole on her nose!
subtlescribbler said…
lollzz..too good :D
and moles r considered to be beauty marks..u difinitely should don it with pride!

Rinaya said…
@Rohit: All thanks to u dude...hic..cheers! :P
@Pooja: Wow..u called me witty?! *blush blush
@Sarah: Aye aye ma'am..Operation Save Mole it is ;)
Shail said…
You sound very much like me when I refuse dentists to change the steel caps on my molars to one 'that look like originl teeth'. Egad, I will lose my very identity if people don't see the steel glint when I smile!
Good luck with your battle! ;)
Loved reading this post.
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