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The Day/Night I Travelled Alone

In all my 22 years of existence the only time I have ever travelled alone was maybe when I was born…but that too I doubt would be counted considering I was still tied to Mom by the umbilical cord. So last night was the first time I could put to use the “don’t talk to strangers, don’t put your hand outside the window” rules. I was travelling from the steel city of Odisha back to its capital trough the Naxalite-infested jungles (pointed out rather helpfully by a friend). My parents never let me play with fire but put me right into the frying pan I say!
My father had made it clear that the seat in the bus beside me was to be strictly occupied by a female. So all dreams of me drowsily dropping off on a handsome lad’s shoulder & then we falling in love were shattered. Least of all I wished that seat remained empty so I could use the extra leg space. But of course the seat had to be occupied & occupied by a 60+ year old.
Now no offence meant to any elders but trust me, they want to kn…

Sikandar: 10 Players, 68 Days

I have read books of many Indian authors, (not just Chetan Bhagat mind you) but this book reminded me of the renowned author- Manoj Das & to be honest even a simplified version of Paulo Coelho! One advice to those who pick this book-do not attempt to finish it in a day. This is a book that needs to be understood, each page holds so much meaning that you can’t help being overwhelmed by it. So even though I’m a girl who finishes thick Harry Potter book in a matter of hours, I took my time to gulp down all that Binayak Banerjee offered in Sikandar, for a full week! The book is an English translation by Soma Ghosh of the Bengali novel of the same name.
Big Boss has become rather popular (for reasons unfathomable to me). Now imagine you could see what is exactly going on inside the head of Shakti Kapoor! Well, this is the Bengali version of Big Boss, where 10 very diverse personalities participate & spend 68 days in a confined house ‘Jatugriha’. It will be impossible to try & sk…

The Paaaaarrttyyy

The entire auditorium was full of people talking at various decibel levels. I had a déjà vu moment taking in the scenario-ah... it’s just like how they show on TV, the LokSabha TV that is. Everyone was talking & no one was listening, the CR’s were fighting over the mike & trying to calm down the MCA-BCA crowd. Surprising how these very students showed no signs of life or consciousness in the DBMS or Networking class! Why there even broke out a fight between 2 guys…with the age-old Bihari-Bengali enmity. I was left wondering… isn’t this Odisha dude? The Odia crowd was busy gossiping in some corner oblivious to their surroundings. Everything calmed down with the appearance of the Dean & Asst.Dean at the scene. This was day1 of our freshers’ party meeting!
Due to last year’s tiff between the juniors & seniors( we being the juniors who’d missed out freshers’ party), it’d been decided by the powers that be-no interaction with juniors! I mean we couldn’t even go invite them f…