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It’s been way too long hasn’t it? You wouldn’t know. You didn’t even bother to visit. Anyway, am back after a long break with something fresh- office life! Yes I’m an intern at ABC & sadly unlike how they show in movies, getting mugs of coffee & sandwiches isn’t what internship is about. It involves a trailer of how your “employee” life will be albeit minus the salary. No one wears skirts or capris (not yet though, it’s still cool in here) & no one hits on trainees (pathetic). The only person who has shown some un-professional interest in our batch of giggling girls is the ground floor pantry-manager-staff-keeper whatever.
The initial month was spent in confusion. To sir or not to sir. Our mentors hate it when we refer to them as sir/ma’am. They say it makes them feel old (*rolling eyes*). Second confusion was team ek trainees 7. So they first gave us loads & loads of stuff to study. Using a photocopying machine for the first time in our lives, we happily photocopied everything. Including that one page where just an IP address was written. Then the question, where do we park our rear side? Yes weirdly, our plot didn’t have any vacant seat for 7 people. Agreed we spent most of our time in front of the pantry or in the ‘new age workspace’ (read lounge) downstairs, yet it’d be nice to have a desktop to ourselves. For the sake of that Facebook profile pic yaar!

The lab where we work was nicely put-a mayhem of sorts. After the ‘boards’ where scripts were run, the chairs were the most coveted thing. And pens. Leave either unattended & it shall vanish into thin air. Or worse you find them with a senior you don’t have the guts to approach.
Next up-the characters at the office.


jaish_vats said…
Internship can be fun but once one gets into the real job, things that are exciting now will actually not matter much, Rather it would be like 'Whats the big deal!' :D ENjoy for now!

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