A Friend Forever

She glanced disinterestedly at the numerous photos lying on the table, while her mother droned on about each guy, their salary, family status & long winding family connections, until she could bear it no longer.

She let her thoughts wander, outside the window she noticed it was so bright & sunny, the sky as blue as it was that day. The day she met her true love & knew that she had found what she had been looking for all this while, clearing every confusion, healing all her pain; she had known that she'd never be alone again.

"Will you still love me when am no longer..." Lan Del Rey's voice filled the room as her phone rang & her mother finally paused the monologue to ask "Who's it?"

Her heart skipped a beat, as it always did when she took her name aloud; "Oh just a friend from college-Sangeeta".

Write Over the Weekend theme for this week

This time we’re aiming at making it more creative! Your post must contain the word Friend and you have just 5 sentences to complete your story.


Shaivi said…
That actually happens with so many gals!
Anmol Rawat said…
A different take and a good attempt at prompt :)
Punyaslok Rath said…
such is ur lyf :p :p
I liked the way you changed the beat in the end...cool one

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