It's Not K!

Write Over the Weekend theme for this week

This time we’re aiming at making it more creative! Your post must contain a text conversation ending with someone saying “k”.

“So I call her up & ask her to forward that mail. But she wouldn't ‘coz she said she’d exhausted her data balance & can’t recharge now as it’s late already. I mean of all the days, she decides to bail on me today!” After meticulously typing this out on WhatsApp, I patiently waited for him to come online & check it. He appeared online, his status changed to typing…& 5 secs later this appeared on the window:


I can handle all kinds of SMS lingo, especially when vowels disappear & you end up playing a guess-the-word game; I enjoy linking the context with the plausible word that the sender could’ve meant. I can even excuse typos, like when a friend who quite obviously was still asleep, texted back a “Gn” to my “Goodmrng J “ message at 9am. Even I use NP(no problem), TP(time pass), BTW(by the way) etc. But somehow the second someone replies to me with a ‘K’ my blood boils.

I experience two kinds of emotions at the sight of that helpless lonely ‘K’. One of sadness, I mean look at the word. First the term O.K’s etymology is so haphazard. The popular theory being that it originated in America when incorrectly spelling ‘all correct’ as ‘oll korrect’ became a fad. And now to subject the word to this humiliation & reduce it to a single letter, I deem it very unfair!

Second I get angry. If you can’t spare a single microsecond of your time to type out an okay or just Ok, I don’t think I should even bother talking to you! Yes some people are lazy, some do it ‘coz their friends did it & now it’s a habit, whatever be the reason, I am not okay with a ‘K’.

So if you’re my friend & we chat frequently and I haven’t yet rebuked you about it, take this as an ‘issued in public interest’ message & keep in mind to precede your K’s with an O next time. They've been together so long, don’t be cruel & separate them now!


jaish_vats said…
Ha ha, k! oops! I mean ok . I agree, k is a little rude. To me okies Sounds better than ok hi hi

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