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The Rohtak Suicides:Why Can't Girls Be Allowed To Be Girls?

I don’t know where to start. The sheer injustice of it, repeated time & again; the blatant refusal of people to open their eyes to something so obvious, the strong denial of this society that refuses to change its attitude, have left me feeling helpless. When I came across this headline-’Death over eve-teasing’ I admit, I was shocked. I am ashamed to admit that even though for a fleeting second I too had joined the ranks of those who feel that eve-teasing is a petty issue in our country, like urinating in public…I mean girls get raped everyday…who kills themselves just ‘coz someone cat-called when they were walking down the street?!
As I went on reading through the article I felt a sense of dejection, the girls were aged 17 & 16! They should be worrying about what to wear to college the next day, which movies to watch, what books to read, whether they will make it through the entrance exams for graduation, about that cute guy in class, anything at all-not about penning down 6 p…

The Deliberate Sinner : Reviewed

The Deliberate Sinner is a debut attempt by Bhaavna Arora. Rihana the protagonist is described as a free spirited adventurous girl, who ends up marrying Veer-the eligible bachelor in town. The marriage however gradually turns into a nightmare for her as she discovers Veer is not the same guy who courted her.
It being a debut novel I can’t be too harsh with the review, but seriously, which Punjabi family names their daughter Rihana?! The flow of the novel is very abrupt I felt; which is one of the reasons why I couldn’t finish the book in one stretch. Although I appreciate the honesty with which Bhaavna has portrayed the much hushed need for female sexual gratification, I feel most of the details were unnecessary & made me feel like I was reading an Indian version of 50 Shades of Grey.
That said, now let me focus on the good part. The Deliberate Sinner talks of the harsh realities of Indian society-it explores with brutal honesty, the truth behind most marriages in India-compromis…

Lucifer's Lungi:Reviewed

The title had me raise an eyebrow.. (I actually can't raise one so it was the pair that got raised.) Lucifer from my limited knowledge of the Biblical texts, was supposed to be a fallen angel, often considered as the Satan or Devil...or something as such. Why would he bother draping a lungi was beyond me. So I decided to find out. Am glad I did.
The synopsis at the back is quite sinister & was one of the reasons I avoided reading the book at night. 'A clash of beliefs, fears and frailties with unknown Gods & demons', no thank you! But I digress.
The book opens with the author introducing the age in which the story is set-an era minus the Internet and mobile phones, almost like the Stone Age. But even then the young protagonist faces a dilemma similar to what we face everyday in office-staying awake…minimizing the frequency of yawns…finding an effective way to clear the debris off a stagnant mind. But unlike us he finds a very aesthetic solution for this-wanderlust!