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Click Away For a Cleaner India :The Domex Campaign

4 months back, our office team had set off on a trip to McLeodganj. We'd landed early morning & had discovered much to our horror that no rooms were available at any hotel. After spending more than 12 hours in a bus, all I could think of was a clean washroom to feel human again. A friend & I embarked on a journey to find that paradise. But even after 2 hours we found nothing. By this time we had shred every ounce of shame & were contemplating just barging into some house & using a toilet, hygiene and courtesy be damned!
Finally we headed back to the bus stop & located a public restroom. Oh the relief!

The toilets in our offices, with the fancy bidets, soap dispensers & hand dryers, the ones in our homes that are cleaned everyday & smell so good with all the fragrant air sprays, have you ever spared a single thought to life without it? Yes, where will you click your selfies, right, but more importantly, where would you pee? Being blunt but there's n…