The Oxygen of my Life

Some people are like oxygen.
Or even water.
No wait...oxygen is better.
You'd have heard people claim-"OMG I loveeee pizza..." or "KFC bucket....yummm!!"

Ever heard/read anyone talk about how much they love oxygen? Bet you haven't!
Water at least gets some love,when some companies claim they have a direct pipeline pulling in water from the foothills of the Himalayas, but no one thanks good old oxygen. Except when June 5 comes around and it's World Environment Day and everyone is in a frenzy to advocate prevention of air pollution.

Oxygen-without it you won't last 2 minutes!
A man can survive without food for a few days,water too,fewer days,but no you. And yet we have never thanked it.We treat it like it's the duty of the Oxygen molecules to get inside our- lungs and help in oxidizing blood.

Same holds true for some really important people in our life.
You have almost at least twice a day thanked your Mom,specially in your childhood. Be it for magically discovering your lost notebook or preparing your favourite dish for dinner,a thank you was given often. A thanks was given seldom if not rarely to your Dad when he'd buy you that new pen you wanted,or the book you needed.
And as we grow up,we tend to depend on them lesser. We no longer need to ask Mom's help when we misplace a file on our laptop, or need Papa's help with a coding error, because they can't help. And that's where the gratitude ends.

Man is selfish. We remember people only as long as they are directly playing a beneficial role in our life. Unless you're still living with your parents, how often do you really talk to them?

And by talk, I don't mean cribbing about the boss,or the canteen food and living expenses being so high,the weather so dreary.

People find it weird that I talk to Mom twice a day. More often it's the cribbing, rest is an argument about why I don't want to get married (but let's not go there). On good days I have a pleasant chat,where I let her gossip, let her complain and crib and hopefully help her feel better.

But I have never done that for Papa.
Shamefacedly I admit most calls happen during office hours to ask if the money I sent has been credited or ask why the money he was meant to send not credited,some technical question about how to save tax and that's all. I do ask Mom about him. It's not that I don't care.
But somehow I have never been the one to call him up on a Sunday morning and ask 'Papa what's up? Which book are you reading? What did you have for breakfast?'

And just because it's Father's Day today, I am not gonna randomly start asking these questions either.

All I want him to know today that even though I don't show it, even though I don't say it aloud or subtly discreetly, you and Mom are like the 2 Oxygen atoms that make O2 -the life giving molecule. I will perhaps never go around saying how much I love you,but that love is the quintessential part of my being. It is so obvious that it's left unsaid.

So thank you for believing in me, giving me hope during my difficult time, thanks for being around. Thanks for loving us  knowing we can't reciprocate with the same selflessness ever.

Happy Father's Day Papa!


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