The Quintessential Loss

Been a long, long time since I wrote something. BlogAdda's WOW prompt about stuff we have lost, seemed to be perfectly timed-given my recent break up.

And while I was once again stifling tears & pulling out my hair, I noticed that I didn't need to pull it out at all. Strands of my precious mane seemed to be just waiting to depart my head. My most gentle caress could now, easily liberate 3-4 strands of fine hair off my scalp. This was no news, but it set me thinking. I like the many other fellow humans suffer from hair loss. Hair loss of the kinds that makes you worry & well...further lose more hair, is the worst!

From a thick mane that had once broken the teeth of many proud combs, I have now resigned to combing the delicate strands with my fingers. The idea of using shampoo fills me with sudden nightmarish visions-of the hair falling off and clogging the drain while I sob beside it. Being bald will never suit my large round face.

I miss the days when I could go off on my 2-wheeler, hair flying in the wind & it being so dense, not ending up in tangles that make you almost lunge for the scissors...almost. Now I cover my hair more carefully than I'd care about covering the rest of me. Fine, straight hair that can get tangled up faster than a pair of earphones placed in your bag.

I have tolerated the stench of  eggs & milk, a deadly combo that can knock anyone out, just to pamper my mane. I have harassed my room mate, refusing to bathe until the hour was up & then returned from the bath stinking worse than before. If you don't think that's possible, try keeping a mix of eggs, henna & milk on your hair for an hour & then wash off with cold water only.

I have oiled my oily hair, used up all 'love yourself'/'you are worthy' shampoos, even resorted to the orange-clad baba ji's concoctions that had me smelling like organic manure; but to no avail.

So I declare the loss of one's hair as the supreme leader, the top contender of all losses.
You lose a boyfriend, you get another. I have lost toys, clothes, lipstick, pens (pens...hmm..there must be a parallel universe where the pens disappear to) or keys, I have always bought another. Losing hair...seeing it fly away in plain sight and land lazily on the floor, in slow motion, will never stop sending a sharp stab of pain right in my heart.

And when the time comes when I finally go bald, I'm going to put this quote on my wall-

This week’s WOW prompt is – ‘League of Lost Things’
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


Darshana Suresh said…
Haha, that's a nice quote. I'm mourning over my own lost hair, wishing I'd taken better care of it when it was thicker. I've given up shampoos in fear of loosing more. Coffee powder and eggs didn't work either. I've learnt to make peace with the bitter truth of parting with it.

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