Are You Travelling or Traveling?

I do NOT claim to be a traveler. I am not exactly hit by the 'wanderlust' bug & have zero intention of 'some day having made enough money, quitting my job & traveling around the world solo...period'.
It's only my thoughts that wander around while I usually stay put staring blankly at the laptop before me.
But...but but but.. I belong to that category of Indians, who if they have arrived at a restaurant which is visible from their balcony, will painstakingly remove their 10" phone from their tight jeans pocket, stretch out their flabby right hand, try to get their faces  to resemble a fish out of water, click a selfie  (amazed to see the word underlined in red, Blogger grow up!) with a check-in to Facebook & innumerable hashtags (again underlined) on Twitter with the picture edited to make you look like a white guy in the 1920's with a sinister halo around him & then post it finally to Instagram (is this Blogger or the IE browser that I'm using? Hey I'm still in office, don't judge me!!).
And that kids, is how you should never write a single sentence.
Moving on...
Having confessed to being a social media traveler, I can now reveal that I often find myself incapable of staying at home on weekends...okay even weekdays! I have never sat still until I have explored the city that I live in. I arrived in Bangalore on 29th of Feb this year & already I have been to too many places that even my friends staying here for over 2years haven't heard of. I don't care who the company is, as long as it's not some drunken group of hooligans with a hidden criminal record, I'm fine. I can say I was for a while the smartest user of Tinder- I mean you can never really find any sane guy on that app, meanwhile why not checkout new places eh? I have even acted as the typical 'kebab me haddi' & barged into a group comprising of couples only.

I am shameless & ruthless when it comes to making plans, even if it's for a lunch during office hours at a restaurant 500 metres from office.
The one way to lose my trust forever is to have abandoned us -me & my plan become one entity once the plan has taken shape. You could have stolen money from me : I usually don't have much ..IT job...anyway.. you could have bitched about me sometime, you could have planned my murder & failed to execute & still I'd trust you my friend. But ditch my plan once & you're Judas for me!
I'm often adjudged the 'default-member' of any group that's planning an outing. And I bear the tag with pride even though my Mom tells me it's really because I am so jobless & needy & alone & don't have a life, which is why they all call me up. But Moms don't know nothing, right...right...right buddies?

Needless to say there are many who'd judge me & try to figure out why it is that I am always restless & raring to go out. Whether I choose to go walking up a hill or clubbing with some guy, I am always called out for it. And honestly I don't is not about getting a validation from others, or about the number of likes your Titanic pose got on Facebook -

#Fail #lame

It's just about not being a frog in the well.

Getting to try new cuisines (the delicious menu at McLeodganj), coming across new people (Tinder...hehehe kidding!), challenging yourself to new goals (not taking a dump in 2 days 'coz of the dirty washrooms in Rishikesh), overcoming your fears (river rafting, and now a trek),  experiencing nature up close ( Nandi Hills, Shimla..etc) & the culture (Jaipur, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Delhi) is what makes me want to hit the road again & again.

So no matter what you say,
no matter how low the funds are,
I will always find my way
& travel wide and far.

Again #fail #lame poetry

 Oh & by the way, you can use either travelling or traveling as one is British English and the other American.
 See you learnt something after wasting your time here.


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