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The No-Secret Santa

So yesterday I went to a nearby mall. I usually avoid malls, because the compulsive-shopper in me always finds a great excuse as to why I need that new top & then spend the next few minutes looking for something to go with the newly-bought top. Then I have to also find a restaurant to which I can go wearing the new ensemble. And if God forbid the mall has a bookstore, I can be found sitting inside with 2-3 novels in my lap & one in my hand. Worst part is I am the kind who has zero bargaining skills & loads of sympathy for the shopkeepers. So I actually feel sad if I have just asked the assistant to show me millions of dresses & then bought nothing. And I wonder why I am always broke.

Moving on... so I went to the mall to buy a gift for a person I may have talked to once in my entire duration of stay at work. Have you heard of the Secret Santa thing? Yes, you have. Because I am pretty sure you have also spent the past few days debating on whether you can just wrap up a 2…

A Girls' Trip Reference (or not)-Part I

So after writing my last depressing post about how I am going to probably be asleep when the clock strikes 12 & people get new year kisses, I have since improved my mood & returned from a girls only trip to Puducherry.

I'm currently running on coffee after 3.5hrs of sleep and hence penning down my experience at the only place where I am actually required to be awake-my office (really if the HR guys were bored enough one day & chance upon my blog, I'd be in so much trouble!). I am an otherwise diligent employee, but c'mon! It's the Monday after a trip.

So here I am, all wise after spending nearly 3 days with a group of girls and surviving without making it to the local news. Let me impart some of my newly-found gyaan to you innocent bumbling idiots who think a girls only trip would be such a blast-

Rule no.1- Never & I mean NEVER underestimate the camera addiction of a girl with makeup on..
And never take good pictures of your friends or you're doomed fo…

An Extroverted Introvert's New Year's Eve Dilemma

The first week of December is over! Yes, that's done with. Today is the 4th last Friday of 2017 people!!! Just 3 weeks to 2018. Do you even know what you're doing on new year's eve? No??!! Have I induced enough panic? Good.
I currently reside in Bengaluru-a city which lives for its weekends, because let's face it, the weekdays are a blur of wake up-traffic-office-traffic-sleep. It's a city where #TGIF is the most over-hyped, over-used hashtag; where people actually sit & enjoy music in the pubs in stark contrast to dancing like they are at someone's baaraat, where stand-up comedy & theatre, lit-fests, flea markets are organized by the bored IT-junta in a last ditch attempt to give meaning to their lives. In short, you can imagine what a nightmare it would be for new year's eve (and here I skillfully avoid mentioning last year's M.G road fiasco).
While most of us wander-lusts would be counting off the ticket stubs/ boarding passes to check if we ha…

Tumhari Sulu-Feminism with a Smile

In the age of misdirected, compromised feminism, and the ever-present patriarchy, a film like Tumhari Sulu, is like the first spring blossom, the lyrical call of the cuckoo you hear in the middle of the February cold. Excuse the funny parallels I draw, but that's the best I could describe it. 

This is not a movie review, but just an attempt to  draw the Indian audience's attention to good cinema. This is for those who dismiss films starring a voluptuous, middle-aged housewife as the protagonist, with no gun-blasting men, or item songs that border on the brink of being classified as porn; as 'boring'. 

When I was watching this movie with my friends, I reminisced about the good old 90's era TV shows, where humour didn't involve sexual innuendo or roasting someone without their permission. There was no 'bajana' type of jokes, and although the story revolved around a late-night talk show on radio, the dialogues were far from suggestive. 

Yes this film had a wo…

A Dream to Remember

Let me begin with the cliched line-"dreams are a reflection of your innermost desires". Having said so, I refuse to believe that any deep subconscious part of me desires to have my boyfriend suddenly develop questionable assets (okay, maybe I do ) and certainly no I don't want to have a gnome hit me with a huge lathi each time I tell a lie, nor do I want to be around anything possessing supernatural powers. Personally I prefer daydreaming any time & have been an active practitioner since school days (continuing while at boring meetings at work).

I get sleep paralysis often which happens I guess due to asphyxiation when I do the very lovable "fan on full-speed & whole body wrapped up in a blanket from head to toe" thing. It's a horrible horrible feeling to realize you're up but your body isn't. You're screaming but no voice comes out and sometimes you see dark objects loitering around to add to the fun. This one time I did sit up straight …

Don't Touch My Bag!

She walked at a brisk pace. Not exactly running though she desperately wanted to. Not daring to sprint either. It was too risky, to draw attention to herself. She must appear nondescript. Blend in,like always. Why did it have to be so far?
A familiar face turned around the corner and her heart skipped a beat. Not now. If he saw her, he'd want to stand & chat. She didn't have time for that. She had to deliver on time. It was crucial to be on time.
She turned around pretending to be on a call,hoping he would leave her alone. Luckily he did.
Turning back she resumed her walk. Her hands were sweaty as she clutched it and her dupatta tighter. Almost there.
She entered with a sigh. Nandini appeared visibly relieved. No words were spoken. No words were needed as a green packet exchanged hands and Nandini dashed to the nearest empty stall.

This isn't a story. It's what many girls will relate to. Th…

5 Things I Want to Give Up in 2017

I'm out of creativity... Adulthood has caught up, much to my dislike killing the little child in me. It was inevitable that I'd lose my initial spark (I'd like to think I had one to begin with, humour me). So here I am with a typical blog post ,a semi philosophical...little funny and much mundane list of things I would try to avoid in 2017-

1. Believing an e-commerce site when they claim I belong to  their "elite" clientele.
Agreed I have spent all my life's earnings on stocking up my wardrobe and shoe rack, but it's time I got a grip on myself and realized that these shopping hubs are not my friends. All those discounts they send me are in fact a broadcasted an unfaithful lover proclaiming their undying eternal 'exclusively for you' love ! No more giving in to those flat 50% off mails now.

2. Ghosting people.. Yep I am guilty of doing that to some folks. In my defense they were worthy of nothing better! But yes, now after I have been …