5 Things I Want to Give Up in 2017

I'm out of creativity... Adulthood has caught up, much to my dislike killing the little child in me. It was inevitable that I'd lose my initial spark (I'd like to think I had one to begin with, humour me). So here I am with a typical blog post ,a semi philosophical...little funny and much mundane list of things I would try to avoid in 2017-

1. Believing an e-commerce site when they claim I belong to  their "elite" clientele.
Agreed I have spent all my life's earnings on stocking up my wardrobe and shoe rack, but it's time I got a grip on myself and realized that these shopping hubs are not my friends. All those discounts they send me are in fact a broadcasted message...like an unfaithful lover proclaiming their undying eternal 'exclusively for you' love ! No more giving in to those flat 50% off mails now.

2. Ghosting people.. Yep I am guilty of doing that to some folks. In my defense they were worthy of nothing better! But yes, now after I have been on a date and realized its not going to work, I would rather tell the guy the same thing instead of pretending that my manager is the very reincarnation of Hitler and would not let me leave office at any godly hour. I am tired of pretending to be busy and ignoring texts. Off late I have started becoming more of an empath and I certainly would want to be told it's not working out than hanging on to formal good morning / good night texts,right.

3. Reading a book just for the sake of reading- while I firmly believe that everyone has a story to tell,some stories rather not be shared. I have tortured myself over weeks fighting to read a book, cursing myself for not finding it interesting enough. This year... I will let go. If a book isn't interesting,if every page feels like I am reading my Geography textbook after the lunch break ..or worse the maths tuition,then I shall quit. There is no shame in that. It is indeed okay to let go..

Case in point


4. Faking niceness-
I'm not much of a selfless saint. I am more the mind your own business until till you need someone's help. Even then I try to avoid taking anyone's help. As a result I assume everyone to be doing the same. When someone asks me for help I try helping out of politeness,not out of the non existent goodness in my heart. I have been nice to people, gone out of my way to help but now I have realised the world is a selfish place. Help only if you really wish to..if I feel a person is genuinely in need of assistance I'd offer mine. But if you're just being lazy around me...beware!

5. Trying to convince my Mom I am not ready to get married.
Frequent visitors( read people who I spam with my blog links until they read it) would know my aversion to the so called holy institution of marriage. I am open to dating. I am okay with commitment and relationship. But I just am not ready for marriage. To share almost all my meals,al my nights and days,my quirks and farts and burps with some guy. Not yet. Maybe one day I will but not now.
But I am tired of arguing with Mom about it. Her rather pragmatic logic of me dying childless,husbandless all alone in some hut is very disturbing albeit unrealistic. But I love her no matter how eccentric she sounds at times and I am done with pissing her off
so this year...no I won't get married! I'd just be more patient with her and try to make the phone conversations last more than 5 minutes.

So that's the rather comprehensive list of stuff I'd avoid this year. Although not  new year resolutions...i suck at those...this is something I'd like to try and save myself some money ...and obtain some peace while I am at it.


Purba said…
Convincing your Mom will take a couple of decades but the rest sounds pretty doable :-)
Rinaya said…
Always hopeful ma'am :)

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