A Girls' Trip Reference (or not)-Part I

So after writing my last depressing post about how I am going to probably be asleep when the clock strikes 12 & people get new year kisses, I have since improved my mood & returned from a girls only trip to Puducherry.

I'm currently running on coffee after 3.5hrs of sleep and hence penning down my experience at the only place where I am actually required to be awake-my office (really if the HR guys were bored enough one day & chance upon my blog, I'd be in so much trouble!). I am an otherwise diligent employee, but c'mon! It's the Monday after a trip.

So here I am, all wise after spending nearly 3 days with a group of girls and surviving without making it to the local news. Let me impart some of my newly-found gyaan to you innocent bumbling idiots who think a girls only trip would be such a blast-

Rule no.1- Never & I mean NEVER underestimate the camera addiction of a girl with makeup on..
And never take good pictures of your friends or you're doomed for the entire trip. When I sat back & scrolled through what appeared to be 200 pictures of the same person in the same pose with changes only in their micro-expressions, I understood why my friends got so mad at me if I react whit a 'ha-ha' emoticon on their profile picture. I mean, that's 30 min of hard work you're laughing at moron!

Rule no.2- Again , NEVER believe a girl when she says she will be ready in 15 minutes.
She does become ready in 15 minutes, but then she spots the perfect winged eyes of the other female or the hairdo on another and then the entire group must have wavy hair, perfect wings at the end of their eyes with flawless lips. And then you go back to rule no.2.

Rule no.3- Open hair on a beach looks good ONLY on celebrities.
Like who do you  think you are really?
Unless you want to look like Medusa or return home with half the amount of hair you left with, always cover your hair -doesn't apply when you're taking a picture(s) of course.

Rule no.4- A shopping halt for 'few minutes' is NOT a good idea.
Girls have an amazing trait which enables them to find something completely useless & buy it because it looks cute. Heroin addicts stand no chance before a girl who wants to shop. She will shop & she WILL try on those dresses, then leave the shop nonchalantly buying nothing with her head held high. Many a salesmen have had their hearts broken this way.

Jokes apart, a girls only trip is a serious affair. If you live in a country like India then no matter how feminist you may be, you will have to take precautions when travelling.
The next post will feature the uncut version of events which unfolded on our trip. 

Meanwhile enjoy the beauty that Paradise Beach is..


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