An Extroverted Introvert's New Year's Eve Dilemma

The first week of December is over! Yes, that's done with. Today is the 4th last Friday of 2017 people!!! Just 3 weeks to 2018. Do you even know what you're doing on new year's eve? No??!! Have I induced enough panic? Good.

I currently reside in Bengaluru-a city which lives for its weekends, because let's face it, the weekdays are a blur of wake up-traffic-office-traffic-sleep. It's a city where #TGIF is the most over-hyped, over-used hashtag; where people actually sit & enjoy music in the pubs in stark contrast to dancing like they are at someone's baaraat, where stand-up comedy & theatre, lit-fests, flea markets are organized by the bored IT-junta in a last ditch attempt to give meaning to their lives. In short, you can imagine what a nightmare it would be for new year's eve (and here I skillfully avoid mentioning last year's M.G road fiasco).

While most of us wander-lusts would be counting off the ticket stubs/ boarding passes to check if we have travelled enough to find our lost souls yet & comparing notes for where to welcome 2018 from, the introverts amongst us would perhaps be on their 3rd or 4th repeat of Stranger Things 2 , FRIENDS, Breaking Bad etc and/or updating their Goodreads reviews of this year's books they read.

But what if you're doing both?

Say hello, to the extroverted introvert- the grey to the world's black & white.  When your soul is forever torn between wanting to be the one cracking the funniest joke & also regretting leaving your Kindle behind. They are the ones who say yes to going out on a weekday for 'just one drink' & instantly regret it a second later when they remember how soft their bed is & how sleep is nirvana. They will rock the dance floor yes, but they need to eat their dinner later & will be mighty pissed if the kitchen's closed by the time you're done with the naagin  moves. They will politely come to your play or show but will freeze when asked to volunteer for anything apart from looking good in the audience.

How to escape the dreaded New Year's eve thingummy now?

I almost miss the good old childhood-thing we all had. Being from a middle-class family meant the New Year's Eve was spent before the T.V watching family-friendly shows that had perhaps been shot months ahead, waiting for the clock to strike 12, waking up your parents who have probably fallen asleep by now & giving them the Happy New Year cards you bought from the Archies store near your school. It involved wishing everyone a 'happy & prosperous new year ' and actually believing it. There was no confusion involved then, you just had to stay home & watch T.V.

And now I don't know what I have to  do any more. Shall we pay 20% of our salary to enter a pub & then spend the evening sipping on an overpriced pint of beer while pretending to enjoy the caricature of a good song track the DJ plays to which the mass of drunk, sweaty humans grooves & twerks or whatever it is they do these days? Or should we ride/drive away into some exotic location, where in the tranquillity that nature offers, we can find peace in 2018-only to find that half the population, thought the same and now there are wailing infants, honeymooning-PDA champions (who will probably be here the next year with their offspring), hipster youngsters & the previous generation, all gathered together.

Do we Netflix & chill ?-only Netflix monthly membership costs as much as 2 days' dinner(no, I don't cook & Bengaluru is costly) & I can't afford it so I made my boyfriend buy Amazon Prime membership.
Do I host a house party?-and deal with drunk humans, dirty dishes, jokes that stopped being funny since Y2K & playing dumb-charades for no good reason.
What to do???

Guess this time I'll not make any plans and leave it to chance & Bengaluru traffic conditions to see where they take me. 

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P.S: Just kidding, if you got passes to any good New Year's eve bash, drop a line here!


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