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A Taxing Time

Disclaimer: This post is in no way remotely related to tax-saving. The writer claims absolute ignorance on the topic of investment & the market. Kindly read at your own risk.

My father has quite often remarked at how he fails to understand my lack of financial awareness, him being a retired bank manager. My mother says that even if I were to be allotted a yearly income of a crore or so, I'd still be broke at the end of the month. My expenditure is directly proportional to my salary & increases in geometric progression. Sadly both are extremely accurate in their observations.

I started working when I was 23 years old. You'd think at 28 I would have saved up enough to buy a house or a car since I'm working in the very lucrative IT industry (if you got the sarcasm, congrats!). All I have is a credit card outstanding amount of 30000 INR.

If you take a look at my Zomato reviews, you'd understand why I'm so broke. Or even the Amazon/Flipkart product reviews will…