To you
Who says
I'm privileged
Maybe I am
But who says I've not faced troubles
Maybe the extent of it
Isn't up to the mark

I am lucky
I agree
To have a roof over my head
To which I must scurry
Every time before nightfall
Everytime I hear 
A nonchalant catcall

I am lucky
To not be crucified
Each time a stranger hand 
Slipped over my ass
I've been lucky to escape with a sigh

Privileged yes
To have the burden of decisions
Of my life, my fate
My womb, my body
Being taken by someone else

Thankful I'm alive
21 centuries of
The glass ceiling
Female infanticide
Domestic violence and
The pay disparage

Lucky I make enough money
To be able to afford
To shave my armpits,
Trim my brows
Look pretty
Lucky... you find me pretty.


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