New Year Mocktail

It’s that time of the year again, when you finally relax & go down the memory lane smiling at all the bitter-sweet memories. Or if you are like me, you’ll find yourself at a loss to understand where the by-gone year actually went & how did u end up with the pile of ‘still-to-do’ stuff & ‘what-to-do –with’ junk?!
This brings me to the extremely sensitive topic of “New Year Resolutions”! These are a perfect example of the adage “promises are meant to be broken”. I never made any of these, didn’t like the idea of lying to myself & setting up goals that I know I’d end up only crawling half-way through. But this year it’s different!
“You’ll have bad luck!”-Mom announced over breakfast. I stopped eating to frown at her. “It says so here..” she explained pointing to her most trusted source of information in this world, the local daily.”Virgo will have bad luck from December 17 to January 11” she enlightened me. I rolled my eyes, so ok my new year welcomes me thus, 2009 must be having her revenge.”And that’s Jan11 2011 to be precise..” she continued.”What??!!” “To avoid this you have to dress in yellow.. “ (background shriek-“I hate yellow, I don’t even have a yellow dress!!”) “..bow to the West(background –“West? You got a compass? How do I know which is West, I am not even awake when the sun rises!!”) & offer a yellow flower..”(background-“yellow again?!Marigold? Dahlia?”) “..& pay obeisance to the Sun God” she finished. That’s 2010-2011 for me.
And everyone knows what 2012 brings. I don’t fancy Crystal skulls or assume that the Earth might crack up. But I firmly believe that a time will come when Mother Earth will break her silence with a scream-“ENOUGH!!!” Given the way the Copenhagen summit went, the growing no. of fanatics blowing themselves & the people around them and the general pitiable state of affairs, I have little hope.
So that leaves me with just 2 ½ yrs. My plans are to enjoy the year 2010,2011 & then freak out in 2012 climbing up the Himalayas to do penance for my sins. At least that way I might stand a chance of entering Heaven when Doomsday strikes!
Nice little plans I have and I begin with my list of New Year resolutions for the year 2010…Watch this space tomorrow.


Tanay said…
much better and interesting!! coz u chose a universal topic.
ur plans for 2012 are interesting!
Tanay said…
i'm reading this 3 days after u posted.... but there's still no sign of what u promised "tomorrow"??
Rin said…
ooh so sorry..i generally got busy with new year celebs.. & its my inborn talent to b lazy :P
I wil of course let u knw my new yr resolutions.. but fr now b firm on d belief "tomorrow never comes!!"
And incidentally the furor creatd by d 3 Idiots thng gt me busy too..

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