Without Women

“I have promised to write on this!” I used my most pleading voice. “It’s still a depressing topic.” My boyfriend surrendered. To the clueless let me enlighten you. In my day dreaming I’d come upon the idea of how the world would be without men. I blogged about it & received some resentment from the obvious party. So now I’d to write about the world without women to balance my karma! But easy as it may sound to you this task turned out to be very tedious. Almost all the guys I sort of interviewed looked at me askance. Ultimately I caught up with one guy who couldn’t avoid me-my boyfriend! I’d to create this scenario-all women going on a trip to Venus courtesy NASA & they would be back in a year or two… Only then did he agree.
So with his inputs & my insight, I put forward to you a world without women…

©    No one would be a loser:
The worst nightmare of a guy? Being termed as a ‘loser’ by his buddies. And how do you classify a loser? Someone who hasn’t ever talked to a girl or worse, who is this brother figure to all girls. So with no girls around you can still be single and not be a loser.

©    TV will indeed be yours:
No more ‘Saas-Bahu’ soaps that show the same houses & the same characters that simply refuse to die. Now you can have the TV showing sports all day and you don’t even have to fight for the remote! A pity though, you might miss the cheer-gals.

©    No more guessing games:
‘Yes’ means ‘hell I want it!’ ‘Goodnight’ means ‘call me, am waiting’… Well even French isn’t as difficult to learn as the female-lingo! Now no more gestures & mysterious phrases that keep you guessing all night, wondering what she meant. You wanna talk dude? Use plain language not telepathy.

©    Be rich stay happy:
Spend on what you want for a change. Grab that t-shirt you think is cool without worrying if she will freak out. Now you don’t have to be a mute spectator as someone else blows your cash on a moody shopping spree. Eat and booze all you want. Recharge your own mobile and feel free to talk to your buddies, your phone being busy doesn’t deserve capital punishment.

©    Forget & forgive:
You can forget a birthday & still keep your peace of mind intact for the rest of the month. You can as well forget your own birthday & no one would mind. You stay happy & so does your wallet!

(P.S: I hope somewhat done justice to my male readers & once again I apologize if any sentiments have been err.. hurt by this post.. Hope you enjoy!) :)


Sankar said…
nyc :) ^__^

well bday dun mean nythin to me nyway :O ion y :\ i have never celevrated so dunnow :)
Reeta Seru said…
very nice post
keep it up
u r a great writer
keep blogging
Tautly written and yes,the idea's unusual and indeed,the presentation is compelling.

Punchy article,great job!
Rinaya said…
@sankar: forget ur GF's bday once & den u'l knw wat m talkng abt :P
@Reeta: thanQ!
@Tehraan: nyc name :)
and thanQ! :)
Devarsi Ghosh said…
Yo girl..
Nice write
But kinda short...I bet if I sit and think now, I can come up with some 5 6 more upshots of what would happen if women weren't around here and all..
either way its an impressive write...honest and tight...
keep it up
Rinaya said…
@devarshi: well,of course der are many points bt i ws more like lookng at d + points & m sure der arent DAt many :P
@rakesh : thanQ!
Sagar..... said…
nice thoughts nd presented in a niser way......

keep it up
Prasoon khare said…
Now this is something different from number of blogs whom I visited....

Nice Post
Rinaya said…
thanQ Sagar & Prasoon :)
I hope being different means in a good way !
mk said…
hey nice post..gal, I wonder what ur boyfriend would do without u for 1 yr or so..

but first of all , the glamour would be gone from the world, the feminine part...other things true, the things mostly associated with women...
but still u never know, there is something called 'gay' in the world..they would be rejoice..he he
movies would be a bore, no hero, no villion..becaz for who will they fight for..
anyway, nice blog, enjoyed it!!
Anonymous said…
hey! nice post.
keep sharing!
Rinaya said…
thanks Mrunal & mk

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